WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Live Results and Updates

Super ShowDown 2019 Live Results Page 6

Orton hits the first strike with a solid right hand. He hits the post when Triple H moves out of the way. The Game goes right after the shoulder with his offense and brings Orton out of the ring. Hunter resumes to work on the arm but Orton decks him with a few punches. The action goes outside where Hunter slams Orton’s arm into the barricade and whatever he finds.

Orton drops him on the announce table out of nowhere and sends him to the steel steps. Back in the ring, he is keeping control. Hunter fights out with elbow in the midsection and then some punches. He even tries to chew Orton’s fingers but gets decked. Another headlock is slapped and it takes a long time before Triple H starts to make a comeback.

Hunter builds some momentum with his strikes off the ropes and brings Orton down with the spinebuster. He goes for the pedigree but could only get a clothesline and a nearfall. Another pedigree attempt is thwarted but Hunter also prevents the hanging DDT. Orton takes Hunter to the top. Hunter fights back and gets bodyslammed in the end.

Orton hits the hanging DDT and gets ready for the RKO. Hunter pushes him to the rope and hits the spinebuster on the rebound. He gets a couple of nearfalls before putting Orton in the crossface. It takes some time but Orton reaches to the ropes. Triple H locked in for a Pedigree, but Randy Orton hit him with a Back Body Drop, rolled through and hit an RKO for a near fall.

Orton goes for the penalty kick but Hunter catches him and hits the pedigree for another nearfall. The action moves out of the ring and Triple H drops Orton on the announce table with a side suplex 4 times. As they go back to the ring, Orton rolls through the pedigree and hits the RKO to get the pin and the win. Randy Orton beats Triple H.

A recap of R-Truth losing the 24/7 Championship at Airport Tarmac and then winning it back in the Aeroplane. Please switch to the next page!

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