WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Live Results and Updates

Super ShowDown 2019 Live Results Page 9

After the match, the crowd goes wild as Saudi star Mansoor gets the win. He hops over the barrier and celebrates with fans in the front row. Ali comes to the barrier and greets Mansoor. Mansoor meets Byron Saxton in the ring for an interview. He talks about how big the win is for him, for the country. He goes on about being a rookie with a dream to be a WWE Superstar and proudly represent his country all over the world. Fans chant “you deserve it!” now. Mansoor goes on about winning the biggest battle royal in WWE history and says his dream came true. He speaks some in Arabic and gets another pop from the crowd.

We are in the hype video package for the main event match. Goldberg’s music hits and the crowd starts singing his name. Music goes on for a long time before Goldberg’s door is knocked. He enters and the crowd is still singing his name. Hooded men come at the stage with the ‘Mashals’ in their hands to prepare for Undertaker’s entrance and cross over the stage. The gong hits and Taker rises from beneath the stage. He completes his entrance slowly and reaches the ring as their names are announced.

The Undertaker beats Goldberg

Bell rings and they stand face to face in the middle of the ring. Goldberg does the rest in peace sign which prompts Taker to take a jab at him. Goldberg hits a spear off the ropes and then a second one but could only get a nearfall. Taker gets up and goes for the chokeslam but Goldberg grabs his leg for a submission move. Taker side-steps Goldberg as he goes for another spear. Goldberg is bursted open and there is so much blood on Goldberg’s face.

Taker starts striking him and does the old school. He gets ready for the chokeslam but Goldberg is having problem standing up. He finally comes around and the taker hits the chokeslam and then the tombstone piledriver. 1. 2. …and Goldberg kicks out. Taker starts striking again but both men are now down after a double lariat. They start trading strikes. Taker gets the upper hand and takes Goldberg to the corner and hits the lariat. He was coming for the big boot but Goldberg spears him. Goldberg somehow hits a feeble jackhammer and could only get a near fall. He tries to hit the piledriver on Taker but Taker counters and hits the chokeslam to get the pin. Undertaker Beats Goldberg.

The show ends with The Undertaker celebrating his victory.

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