WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Live Results and Updates

Super ShowDown 2019 Live Results Page 5

After the match, Shane and Drew head to the floor to celebrate as the music hits. Drew carries Shane up the ramp on his shoulders. They stop on the ramp and turn to face the ring as fireworks go off around the stadium in Jeddah. Reigns watches from the ring as Shane and Drew celebrate. We go to replays and come back to the heels continuing their celebration.

Goldberg’s door is shown for a few seconds before Byron Saxton interviews WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. They talk about tonight’s match with Dolph Ziggler. Kofi says his recent homecoming trip to Ghana was the perfect preparation for tonight’s match. Woods says Kofi isn’t just a champion, he is a hero. Kofi goes on and says he will show again how Ziggler wasn’t able to get the job done. They get hyped up before walking off.

Lars Sullivan vs Lucha House Party – Handicapped Match ended in a Disqualification

Kalisto starts off against Lars and avoids him for some time. Lars eventually corners him and hits a few shoulder thrusts. He drops Kalisto’s face on the top turnbuckle and throws him to the corner so he can tag Lince Dorado. Sullivan easily sends him out of the ring with one hand. Lars knocks Kalisto and Dorado off of the apron. Gran Metalik gets the tag and hits a few moves to put Lars off balance.

Kalisto comes back in and gets knocked out of the air with a body blow. Sullivan beats Kalisto down and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Dorado and Metalik trip him and the ref calls for the bell for a disqualification. They gang up on Sullivan and beat him into the mat. Each man takes turns hitting big moves on Sullivan.

As Lucha House Party try to make their way backstage, Lars Sullivan attacks them from behind, taking each member out on the metal ramp one by one.

After the lengthy hype video for the match, Randy Orton enters. Hunter enters on the same bike he used at WrestleMania 30 and with a skull mask on. NXT chants start as they are about to start.

Randy Orton Beats Triple H

Orton and Hunter take turns to take each other in the corner. Hunter uses the arm twist to take control but Orton is too good for it. He uses a takedown for a stalemate. Hunter once more goes for the arm twist and once more Orton counters it, this time in a headlock. The grappling continues and soon both men counter each other’s finisher attempt.

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