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Micheal Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young welcomes us from Jeddah as Jimmy and Jey makes their entrance. The Revival duo enter and waste some more time and only 11 minutes are left for the Main to start as the match starts.

The Usos Beats The Revival – Tag Team Match

Dawson starts with a shoulder tackle before the Usos take control with double team maneuvers. They send both their opponents out of the ring and hits suicide dive on them. Jey starts to chop them at ringside before the action comes back to the ring. The Revival use the underhand tactics to take back the control.

They start to work on Jimmy taking turns. A headlock in slapped when Jimmy tries to power out. Dawson prevents the tag and puts him in the octopus stretch. Jimmy overpowers and Jey gets the hot tag. He hits back to back flying clotheslines before a superkick. A frog splash gets him a nearfall. Dawson comes back with an uppercut and Revival tries to hit their finisher.

Jey pushes Wilder off the top and hits the splash on Dawson to get a nearfall. They counter each other and Jey had Dawson in a pin for almost 10 counts but Wilder has distracted the referee. Revival tries to double team but Jey counters. Jimmy gets the bling tag and Dawson is sent out. Wilder is hit by double superkicks and is pinned. The Usos beat the Revival.

Main Show

The Pyro work over the packed stadium starts the show. The stage set is almost similar to the one at WrestleMania. And as it was spoiled earlier, Seth Rollins is opening the show to defend his Universal Title against Baron Corbin. Before Corbin enters, we once again get the recap of Brock Lesnar’s beatdown on Rollins. Rollins has his ribs taped up. Corbin enters in what I am assuming is a new theme. The Lion Face Emblem is definitely new. Corbin is once again getting his customized announcement and yes, he claims to be Jeddah’s favorite son. Rollins gets a great reception.

Seth Rollins(c) beats Baron Corbin in WWE Universal Championship Match

Seth is trying to protect his ribs even before the start. They lock in and Corbin takes Rollins to the corner. As referee call for the stalemate, Seth comes out with punches only for Corbin to punch him in the ribs. Seth avoids him in the corner but as he goes for the springboard, Corbin trips him to send his ribs into the ropes. Corbin drops him once more on the rope from suplex position and starts to work on the ribs and back.

Seth tries to fight back from the corner but Corbin dodges him and hits a clothesline. Corbin starts to shout on the ref for something before going for some kind of lock on Rollins’ ribs. He is continuously punching in the mid-section to continue pressure. He slams Rollins from a gutwrench position before Rollins counters to hit an enziguri. Seth mounts a flurry of punches and forearms before a lariat to send Corbin out of the ring. Back to back suicide dive follows.

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