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Super ShowDown 2019 Live Results Page 3

Seth goes to the top where Corbin catches him in a chokeslam position but Rollins counters again to hit a superkick to get a nearfall. Corbin lures him into another suicide dive attempt which he thwarts and hits a twisting slam. Both counter each other once more, only for Corbin to hit deep six for another nearfall. End of days is avoided and Corbin suddenly decides to bring in the chair. As the referee tries to prevent him to use the chair, Corbin again starts to quarrel with him. This costs him the match as Rollins uses a roll-up pin to win the match. Seth Rollins beats Baron Corbin.

As Rollins starts to celebrate, Corbin hits him with the End of Days from behind. As Corbin leaves, Brock Lesnar enters with the briefcase and steel chair. He tries to cash in but Rollins hits him with a low blow. Rollins hits him chair multiple times before hitting the stomp on the Briefcase. Rollins leaves as Lesnar is checked upon by Heyman.

Andrade enters first for the next match before Finn Balor gets his Demon entrance.

Finn Balor(c) Defeated Andrade to retain WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Andrade starts off strong with a few strikes before Balor knocks him down with a shoulder for a quick one count. Andrade hits a knee but Balor counters the Hammerlock DDT with a basement dropkick. Finn hits a standing double stomp. Andrade misses a knee and sends himself over the top rope. Balor follows and gets dropped onto the apron. Andrade drills him with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Andrade controls the match until Balor hits a dropkick.

They hit each other with clotheslines before Finn sends Andrade over the top rope and hits a suicide dive to take him down. Balor counters a tornado DDT and hits one of his own. He hits the 1916 before nailing a vicious back elbow and a backflip kick. He hits the running double knees in the corner for two. The Demon starts to fight back and counters a sunset flip powerbomb with a double stomp on the apron.

Balor hits the Coup de Grace to the back of Andrade’s head for a two count. Andrade hits a running pair of knees and his Hammerlock DDT to get a nearfall. Balor kicks out at two and the challenger looks worried. Andrade meets Balor on the top turnbuckle and Finn drops him with a DDT all the way down to the mat. He climbs back up and hits the Coup de Grace for the pin. Finn Balor beats Andrade.

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