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Backstage, Ziggler talks to Byron Saxton. Ziggler says he thought Kofi was a hero who earned his shots, but now everyone can see that Kofi is nothing but a coward. Saxton say some would say Ziggler deserved what happened. Ziggler goes on about how he out-wrestled and out-finessed the best WWE Champion in history tonight, and how it should’ve been all him, but Kofi had a buddy watching his back. Ziggler says it should’ve been him, and he demands another match. This time no friends, just one-on-one. Ziggler says he wants Kofi in a Steel Cage match. Ziggler walks off and we see Kofi and Woods continuing their celebration in the arena.

Miz, Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Titus O’ Niel gets the entrance as all the other stars just walk to the ring. Elias enters with the acoustic guitar and starts performing before the match. He insults all the other stars in the ring and tells them they could not eliminate him.

50 Man Battle Royal

Miz hits him and takes him to the ring to start the match. Singh Brothers are the first to be eliminated. Anderson is tossed out followed by Eric Young. Heath Slater works on Xavier Woods while Otis and Cesaro are going after each other. Slater, Curt Axel, Akira Tozawa, Mojo Rawley, No Way Jose and Brain Kendrick are all eliminated one by one. The Authors of Pain, The Viking Raiders and Heavy Machinery face off before going at it. AOP eliminates Tucker. The Vikings eliminate Akam. Rezar is tossed next.

Titus O’Neil eliminated the Viking Raiders, but was then eliminated by Shelton Benjamin. Matt Hardy eliminates Shelton Benjamin with a Twist of Fate. Samoa Joe eliminates both Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Ricochet catapults Jinder Mahal out of the ring with an immense move. Rowan took out Xavier Woods and Otis Dozovich. He was then thrown out by the Usos. The Revival threw out the Usos. Dawson is eliminated by Matt Hardy, who is eliminated by Cesaro.

Cesaro hits Cedric with the Giant Swing and then catapults Cedric out. The Miz takes control of the ring with the It Kicks to Cesaro and Elias. Unfortunately, the double team of Cesaro and Elias means he is dumped out. The last six men, Ricochet, Ali and Mansoor face Cesaro, Samoa Joe and Elias. Samoa Joe tries to throw out Ricochet, but Ali and Ricochet double team suplex Joe out of the ring. Ali and Ricochet are dumped out by Cesaro, who is eliminated by Mansoor. Elias looks to eliminate Mansoor but he hangs on. Mansoor back body drops Mansoor over his shoulders out of the ring. Mansoor won the 50-Man Battle Royal.

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