WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Live Results and Updates

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Shane McMahon enter to the country where he won the first WWE World Cup. He asks for his special announcement as his World Cup trophy is also at the ringside. Drew McIntyre also enters to be in Shane’s corner before Roman enters and uses almost 50% of the pyro of the night.

Shane McMahon defeated Roman Reigns

Shane rushes to unload on Roman in the corner as soon as the match starts. He uses the ropes to his advantage until Roman decks him with a few hard right hands to turn the tables. Shane avoids him in the corner and his shoulder hits the ring post. Shane chokes Reigns right in front of the ref for the full five count. He gets a two count with a side Russian leg sweep. Roman builds momentum until McMahon connects with a back elbow. Shane wears Roman down with a headlock for a long time.

Roman hits a series of corner clotheslines and a big boot after breaking free. He lines up for the Superman Punch but Shane clips his knee in midair for a two count. Reigns counter a triangle choke with a powerbomb for his own near fall. McIntyre tries to interfere but Reigns sends him into the steel steps and hits a Superman Punch. Shane jumps off of the apron right into another Superman Punch. Shane hits a Spear when Reigns gets back in the ring for a close two count.

Roman hits another Superman Punch to knock Shane off of the top turnbuckle to score yet another near fall. Shane blocks a Spear with a kick to the face and the ref gets hit by mistake. McIntyre comes in and hits a Claymore while the ref is down. Shane makes the cover and the ref counts the pin. Shane McMahon beats Roman Reigns.

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