WWE Crown Jewel 2020 Taking Place or Not?

WWE Crown Jewel 2020

WWE fans in Saudi Arabia may be waiting for the superstars to return to the country with Crown Jewel 2020 PPV. But the recent developments may not allow WWE to host an event in Saudi Arabia anytime soon.

After the debacle of Crown Jewel 2019 which saw the WWE roster getting stuck in Jeddah overnight, WWE and Saudi Arabia’s working relationship came under scrutiny. However, the two parties then announced a renewed deal which mandates that WWE will compulsorily hold two events in the country until 2027.

The contract also kept open the possibility for the third event every year if it is beneficial for both Saudi Arabia Sports Authority and WWE. This contract upgrade saw WWE shifting the Super ShowDown event for 2020 from May/June to February month.

This raised speculations that WWE is taking the third Saudi PPV for the year more seriously. However, the COVID-19 pandemic might limit Super ShowDown being the only Saudi Arabia PPV for this year.

Earlier this year, WWE’s probable PPV calendar was leaked which did not contain any mention of WWE Crown Jewel event for 2020. WWE has also shifted Clash of Champions 2020 and Hell in a Cell 2020 to later dates to reduce their gap with Survivor Series 2020.

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The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported the Ministry of Interior for Saudi Arabia recently announced all restrictions on the entry and exit in Saudi Arabia will be lifted only on 1 January 2021 and all means of transport by land, sea, and air will be reopened while adhering to the current COVID-19 precautionary procedures.

This would mean that if WWE would want to bring its staff in Saudi Arabia, all the staff members might have to undergo quarantine for at least a week. This would in turn make it very difficult for WWE to hold RAW and SmackDown episodes for that week.

On top of that, the quarantine process upon return from Saudi Arabia immediately rules out any possibility for WWE to risk all the back and forth travel.

The next possible WWE PPV event that we might see in Saudi Arabia will be Super ShowDown 2020 somewhere in May or June 2021. Follow this link for the latest updates on WWE PPV calendar.

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