NXT Great American Bash: Gable Steveson’s Debut Ends in Double Countout

Gable Steveson vs Baron Corbin NXT Great American Bash 2023
Gable Steveson vs Baron Corbin NXT Great American Bash 2023, Credits – WWE

Gable Steveson and Baron Corbin’s match at NXT The Great American Bash PLE ended in a draw due to double count-out.

Steveson made his NXT in-ring debut at the event on July 30, 2023, again Corbin, The match began with Steveson engaging an ankle lock on Corbin early. He controlled the starting half of the match with suplexes before Corbin made a comeback by executing Death Valley Driver. Steveson showed off some of the moves, including a variety of suplexes and clotheslines.

As a clothesline sent Corbin to the floor, he drove Steveson into the apron. Steveson then throw him over the announce table. Neither man was able to get back into the ring in time to beat the referee’s countdown, leading to a double count.

After the match, they continue to fight, leading to more referees and Security Guards getting involved. In the end, Steveson hit a destructive Overhead suplex to snd Corbin into the barricade. The crowd was certainly not happy with the result with “bullshit” chants. A similar reaction came from the fans online.

The match between Steveson and Corbin was set on July 25 episode of NXT. Steveson was scheduled to make a crucial decision about his future but was interrupted by Corbin. Corbin suggested that Gable go back to college and win another championship or go to the Olympics to try to become a 2-time gold medalist.

This prompted Steveson to decide to stay and settle it with Corbin at the NXT Great American Bash event.

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