MJF Retains ROH Tag Team Title at WrestleDream 2023 PPV

MJF retains ROH Tag team ttles
Credits- AEW

MJF has retained his ROH Tag Team Champions at AEW WrestleDream 2023 PPV event by defeating The Righteous in a handicap match.

During the start of the match, MJF swiftly launched an attack, but The Righteous managed to counter when he tried to toss Vincent into Dutch.

MJF was having a problem because of a number disadvantage. During the middle of the bout, Dutch countered a body slam attempt with a crossbody move. He followed up with a powerbomb, and Vincent added a senton, but MJF showed resilience by kicking out.

Dutch then executed a Bossman slam, coming close to a pinfall victory. Vincent later delivered an Acid drop, but once again, MJF managed to kick out, displaying his tenacity.

MJF then made a comeback with some quick action. He dropped Dutch with a body slam and sent Vincent into Dutch’s backside as he promised in his pre-match promo. After this, MJF signaled for the kangaroo kick and successfully executed it. Following that, he connected with the Heatseeker on Dutch and used the ropes for extra leverage to secure the pinfall victory.

MJF found himself in a handicap match due to Adam Cole’s absence, who is currently dealing with three different fractures and multiple torn ligaments. The Righteous earned their status as the #1 contenders at Rampage Grand Slam by emerging victorious in a 4-way tag team match, by defeating The Kingdom, The Hardys, and Best Friends.

MJF made a promise to Adam Cole that he would retain the Tag Team Titles at WrestleDream, and he delivered on that promise. Furthermore, he has assured Cole that even when he returns from his injury, they will still be the ROH Tag Team Champions.

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