How To Watch WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 Online Live Streaming

WWE PPV Streaming Details

WWE is the most-watched pro-wrestling promotion in the world and the same goes for its PPVs(or as they are called now – Premium Live Events). WWE airs at least one special event every month. WWE’s next PPV is Hell In A Cell 2022 which take place on June 5, 2022. Cody Rhodes will take on Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match while Bianca Belair will defend RAW Women’s Championship against Asuka and Becky Lynch.

Here is the complete guide for how and where to watch WWE Hell In A Cell 2022, online live streaming details, date, start time, and price that you would need to pay for watching for the PPV.


  • When is WWE Hell In A Cell 2022? June 5, 2022.
  • What is the start time for WWE Hell In A Cell 2022? 8 PM EST/5 AM PST(Pre-show starts at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST).

United States

WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 will be available on NBC’s Peacock TV streaming service in the United States via mobile, tablet, and smart TV app, and website. WWE signed a deal with NBCU to transfer the WWE Network over to Peacock. This deal will mean all the WWE PPVs will air via Peacock TV in the United States.

What is the price for WWE Hell In A Cell 2022 PPV? WWE event are free to watch on Peacock’s Premium Plans starting with just $5 per month. You can also get a 7-day free trial to watch the Hell In A Cell event. The users on Premium Plus Plan will get the complete event ads free. You can check the below link to subscribe to Peacock.

Free Live Streaming Details in the United States

As mentioned above Peacock offers a 7-day free trial for new customers in the United States. So, you can watch the complete Hell In A Cell event for free if you are a new subscriber to Peacock.

Also, Peacock TV is free for Xfinity and Cox users in the United States. So, if you are already a subscriber for either broadband service, you can enjoy the new WWE Network on Peacock TV for free.

Saudi Arabia & MENA Countries

MBC Group’s new streaming service “Shahid” will stream all WWE events in MENA countries. You need to subscribe to their monthly package to access the Hell In A Cell event in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and other MENA countries. The packages start from $3.99 per month.

Worldwide(Other Countries)

WWE PPVs like Hell In A Cell 2022 will be available via WWE Network Streaming service across the world apart from the US and India. The first month will be free for new subscribers on WWE Network in any part of the world.

In the United Kingdom: WWE PPVs are available in the UK via the WWE Network streaming service. You can subscribe to WWE Network if you are not a user of the service yet. The service provides a one-month free trial, so, you can watch Hell In A Cell for free till then. After the free trial, the subscription costs £9.99.

WWE PPVs are also available via BT Sports Box Office in the UK. The price of WWE Hell In A Cell PPV on BT Sports will be £14.99. You can also online stream the event live via BT Sports app after purchasing the PPV.

In Canada: In Canada also, WWE PPVs can be streamed via WWE Network app. New users will get one month of free trial and it will cost $9.99 per month after that. The show will also be available via other PPV providers in Canada. Roger Cable and Eastlink are two main PPV providers for WWE in Canada. You need to contact these service providers for more details. Additionally, Sportsnet website will also stream WWE event in Canada via $9.99.

Australia: Just like other countries, WWE PPVs will be available via WWE Network which will provide a free trial for the first month for new users. The PPVs will also be available via Kayo Sports website and Main Event PPV provider in Australia.

India: Check this link for more details about free streaming of WWE PPV in India.


  1. This isn’t fair for people who want to watch a wwe pay per view and the only option they have is to pre-order summerslam on dvd this isn’t fair and plus AEW took their Sunday ppv slot so this might be possibly why wwe went to peacock

    1. I just dropped WWE Network because of change and seeing the same old storyline each time, now it’s airing the old 80’s and 90’s matches and re-runs of course so basically it’s not a hard decision to switch to AEW now and not be charged for the shows and watch the PPVs on YouTube.

  2. I have the wwe network and pay 15.00 per month does this mean l will not see crown jewel on this channel if not why and how else can Canadians watch without paying a fortune

    1. Hi,

      You can watch Crown Jewel via WWE Network itself. Other PPV carriers are also an option but you will not need them if you have WWE Network.

  3. I live on the west coast and it starts @9am. My fiancé is working till 3pm. When can we watch it on Peacock after the live stream?

  4. WWE does not have free trial. WWE Network in Canada does not support the WWE App only through pc browsers.

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