Ilja Dragunov Wins NXT Championship at NXT No Mercy 2023

New NXT Champion
Credits -WWE

Ilja Dragunov emerged victorious at the NXT No Mercy PPV event, dethroning Carmelo Hayes to capture the NXT Championship.

Hayes made a unique entrance, showing the jerseys that represented the opponents he had previously defeated in NXT Championship matches. The match kicked off with Dragunov immediately delivering a big boot, asserting his dominance in the opening minutes.

Hayes attempted a comeback with a series of chops, but it was insufficient when Hayes tried to execute a springboard move, Dragunov countered and responded with a devastating clothesline.

The pivotal moment in the match occurred when Dragunov leaped to deliver a punch, but Hayes countered with a mid-air enzuiguri. However, Dragunov managed to regain control and executed two consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes, making his comeback.

Dragunov was demonstrating his raw power when Hayes attempted to execute Nothing But Net, but Dragunov reversed it and delivered a powerful powerbomb. The match hung on the edge, with both wrestlers hitting their finishers and displaying incredible resilience by kicking out.

At the end of the match, Dragunov regained control by delivering a powerful clothesline when they re-entered the ring. Then, Dragunov executed a super H-Bomb from the top rope, securing the pinfall victory.

Ilja Dragunov earned his title opportunity on the September 12th episode of NXT by defeating Wes Lee. Dragunov previously challenged Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Title at the NXT Great American Bash 2023 PPV event, but unfortunately, he was defeated in that match.

Dragunov has secured the NXT Championship for the first time, but this is his second singles title as he was also the NXT UK Champion.

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