NXT Deadline: Blair Davenport Wins Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge

Blair Devenport

Blair Davenport emerged victorious in the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge at NXT Deadline 2023 event.

The match started with Fallon Henley as the first entrant, followed by Blair Davenport as the second. In the opening ninety seconds, both competitors engaged in a series of roll-up attempts, yet neither managed to secure a fall.

Davenport secured the first point by pinning Henley. Jordan joined the match, and later, Henley pinned Stratton to earn a point. Legend dominated upon entering the bout, executing powerful slams on both Henley and Stratton. Subsequently, she repeated the action on Jordan, ultimately pinning her on top of Stratton, resulting in a two-point gain.

Afterward, members of Legend’s Meta-Four group obstructed the penalty box, trapping Stratton and Henley inside. Despite Henley’s attempt to climb out, Stratton pushed her from the top, causing her to crash through a table. Subsequently, Stratton ascended to the top of the box and leaped onto her opponents.

Tensions escalated in the last moments of the match with several pin attempts. Davenport secured the critical pin within the last 15 seconds, ultimately emerging victorious. Her win granted her an opportunity to challenge NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria at NXT New Year’s Evil 2024 event.

Following the match’s conclusion, Davenport issued a challenge to Valkyria. As Valkyria appeared on stage, the situation took an unexpected turn when Cora Jade, returning to action, launched an attack on the champion.

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