Trick Williams Won Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge at NXT Deadline

Trick Wiliams

Trick Williams emerged victorious in the Men Iron Survivor Challenge at WWE NXT Deadline 2023 event.

Briggs and Dijak kicked off the match, with Bate, Trick, and Breakker entering the bout sequentially. Dijak scored first, followed by Briggs, and then Bate joined the scoreboard.

Trick Williams joined the match, but Bate managed to pin him, securing the lead. Breakker immediately dominated upon entering the match. Within 46 seconds, Breakker was able to get 3 pinfalls with a barrage of fierce spears.

Williams created a standout moment by executing a dive onto his opponents at ringside, showcasing his athleticism. However, shortly after, Dijak managed to pin him. Bate secured another pin, while Dijak and Briggs both scored pins following a double moonsault.

Breakker momentarily gained an advantage by spearing Williams through a barricade, but Dijak retaliated by slamming Breakker through the broadcast table. In the midst of the chaos, Williams managed to pin Briggs. Despite Dijak’s attempt to mount a comeback, Eddy Thorpe interfered and assaulted Dijak.

Williams capitalized by pinning Dijak via roll-up after this. Williams also pinned Bate after countering him off the top rope, resulting in a tie with three points each just seconds before the match concluded. However, in the final moments before the time limit expired, Williams secured the winning pinfall by countering Breakker’s spear with a running knee.

Following his victory, Williams secured an opportunity for NXT Championship, currently held by Ilja Dragunov. His title shot is set for NXT New Year’s Evil event on January 2, 2024.

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