Carmelo Hayes Makes WWE RAW In-Ring Debut On June 26

Carmelo Hayes WWE RAW

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes made his main roster in-ring debut as he faced Finn Balor at WWE RAW June 26, 2023 episode.

During this week’s RAW, Seth Rollins pointed out Hayes in the front row and thanked him for his having his back against Finn Balor’s attack last week on NXT. After this, Rollins addressed the fans regarding the recent attack he endured from Finn Balor while also discussing his upcoming match at Money in the Bank.

As Rollins finished talking, Balor attacked him once again from behind. Hayes saved Rollins from Balor’s chair attack by snatching it away. After Balor ran back, a match was officially announced between Carmelo Hayes and Finn Balor. It was the first match for Hayes on the red brand.

During the match, Hayes showed his beautiful high-flying moves and impressed everyone with his slick action. However, Balor gained momentum and finished the match with a pinfall after a Coup de Grace.

After the match in the WWE RAW Digital Exclusive, Hayes talked about his debut in the main roster, and added that he had lost the match but had competed against one of the best in the world.

Hayes will be in action tomorrow night once again as he defends NXT Championship against Baron Corbin at NXT Gold Rush Night 2. In the above-mentioned interview, Hayes claimed that he could beat Corbin event at his 25%. Keep tuned in for the latest updates.

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