WWE NXT Gold Rush 2023 Night 1 Results & Live Updates, June 20

Seth Rollins vs Bron Breakker NXT Gold Rush 2023
Seth Rollins vs Bron Breakker NXT Gold Rush 2023, Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live results page for WWE NXT Gold Rush 2023 night 1 on June 20, which airs from WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

The main event of the night will see Seth Rollins returning to NXT to defend World Heavyweight Championship against Bron Breakker. Breakker called out Rollins, who was the first NXT Champion, to come back to the brand. Rollins was injured last night at RAW, but he will still come to defend the title against Breakker.

North American Championship match is also set with Mustafa Ali as the guest referee. Wes Lee defends the title in this match against Tyler Bate. New #1 contender for NXT Tag Team Championship is also set in a 3-way tag match.

Dana Brooke will face Cora Jade in a singles match. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Baron Corbin will come face-to-face before their title match next week. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon will take on Jakara Jackson and Lash Legends in a tag team match.

Check below as we post results from WWE NXT Gold Rush 2023 Night 1 with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.

Quick Results

  • Wes Lee(c) defeated Tyler Bate in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT North American Championship.
  • Edris Enofé & Malik Blade defeated Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs and Hank Walker & Tank Ledger in a 3-way tag team match via pinfall to become #1 Contender for NXT Tag Team Championship.
  • Cora Jade defeated Dana Brooke in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jakara Jackson & Lash Legends defeated Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Seth Rollins(c) vs Bron Breakker – World Heavyweight Championship

Live Updates

We see Seth Rollins and Bron Breakker getting into the building earlier today. This is followed by a hype video package for the show.

Wes Lee(c) vs Tyler Bate – NXT North American Championship

Mustafa Ali is the special guest referee. They lock up and Lee ducks out after a while. Bate gets on the waistlock. They switch quickly before coming to a stalemate. Lee kicks to midsection. Bate ducks a move from Lee before blocking a hurricanrana. Bate hits an armdrag. He takes down Lee in a side headlock takedown. Ali does a fast two-count to the surprise of both men. Lee counters with a jacknife cover. Ali counts slowly this time. Lee argues with Ali and this allows Bate to roll-up Lee but Ali is slow to count once again. Lee is frustrated now and all the friendliness is gone now. They get to the floor now and trade shots. Ali does not start a countdown for a while. We cut to a break with Bate in control.

Both men are down in the ring as we return after a clothesline from Lee. Bate hits an uppercut and Lee replies with punches. They continue to trade these shots for a while. Lee hits a flurry of strikes before a dropkick on Bate’s back. Bate hits a knee, an uppercut from the top and a Northern Lights Suplex. Lee counters after a standing shooting star press to get a two-count. Lee hits a superkick in the corner. Bate steps away from the Kardiak kick and hits a springboard clothesline.

Bate goes to the top. Lee hits an enzuigiri and gets up himself. Lee tries for a suplex from the top but he falls to the floor after hitting a shot while Bate lands inside the ring. Ali starts a countdown but stops it in the middle and goes to wake up Lee on the floor. He returns to the ring and hypes Bate also. Lee hits a Kardiak kick just as Ali moves away from Bate and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Wes Lee

After the match, Ali raises hands of both men and acts like it was great match. Both competitors are watching each other and Ali in an indifferent way.

We see Gigi Dolin near some graffiti on walls in some city and she talks about art. We cut back to Kiana James at the arena who takes shot at Gigi and says she was also like Gigi but she grew up and picked up some ambition.

We see a recap of Finn Balor’s attack on Seth Rollins last night at RAW.

Pep Rally for Thea Hail

Duke Hudson is in the ring for pep-rally. He hypes Thea and claims that Thea would become the youngest NXT Women’s Champion next week. He brings out Hail who is hyped up as always and is accompanied by a cheerleading group. Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak are also out in the ring. Thea says this is the greatest day of her life. Thea says she did always wanted to be a WWE superstar and trained for it instead of going to college after high school. Gulak asks if Thea just graduated from high school. Hudson shuts them down.

Thea thanks Andre Chase for accepting her into Chase U. Hudson gets a bit uncomfortable at the mention of Chase. Thea then thanks Hudson followed by Gulak and Dempsey. She continues to hyping her chances until NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton comes out. Stratton takes shots at the setup and the fact that Thea is hoping to win. Hudson gives her a reply as she gets into the ring. Stratton says nobody is picking up Thea as the winner next week. Thea says she will tap out Stratton. Stratton argues back but Thea puts her in a kimura lock and forces her to tap.

We see Schism arguing last week and Gacy says he would have to look inside himself.

Ivy Nile and Julius Creed are watching that clip when Brutus Creed walks up in. Julius says Schism are legitimate cancer to NXT and they want to tackle them. They playfully mock each other after this.

NXT Anonymous has posted a footage of Jacy Jayne and Lyra Valkyria arguing backstage.

Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs vs Edris Enofé & Malik Blade vs Hank Walker & Tank Ledger – #1 Contender for NXT Tag Team Championship

Briggs starts with big shots on Blade. Blade hits back with a dropkick and brings in Enofe after knocking off Jensen off the apron. Jensen tags in for some double team work on Enofe. Ledger and Walker pull Briggs out and drops him on the apron. The double team continues in the ring until all 6 men get into the ring. Briggs and Jensen fight two at a time. They hit moonsaults on Enofe and Blade. Walker and Ledger hits suicide dives on opposite teams. We cut to a break.

The three-way tussle continues after the break. Blade hits quick moves on Briggs and Walker. Ledger tags in and drops him a few times. Jensen tags in and hits a German suplex on Ledger. He drops Blade on top of Ledger. They hit their double-team finisher on Ledger. Enofe breaks the pin after Jensen kicks Walker to the floor. Enofe hits a frog splash on Ledger to get the pinfall.

Winners – Edris Enofé & Malik Blade

Gallus are backstage watching this match. Los Lotharios come in and tell them they are lucky they were not in the contender’s match or they would be losing the titles next week.

Eddy Thorpe is DJing backstage when Damon Kemp comes in and says they will fight in two weeks in a Raw Underground match— no ropes, knockout or submission only.

We hear some ruckus and the camera turns towards Blair Davenport, who was just attacked by Roxanne Perez.

Seth Rollins is in the locker room with his student Nathan Frazer. Rollins congratulates him on the giant Heritage cup that he has to carry around everywhere. He tells Nathan he is proud of him for how he has grown and developed. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams come and introduce themselves. Rollins is stone-faced for a while before laughing and telling them he got them.

Dana Brooke vs Cora Jade

Cora pushes Dana away after the bell. Dana puts her to the corner and hits some quick shoulder blocks. Cora tries to run away but Dana brings her back to the middle and slams her to the mat. She hits a handspring splash to get a two-count. Cora slams her face into the mat. She puts Dana into the corner for some kicks to the body. Cora slams the face into the mat once again. Dana avoid a double stomp before hitting a headscissors. She hits a dropkick and Cora rolls to the floor. Dana chases her out. Cora catches her with a knee strike on the apron. Dana blocks a DDT and shoulder tackles. Dana’s knee gives up when she goes for a handspring splash. The referee calls for medical team to check on her. We cut to a break.

Dana slaps Jade when she was taken to the back. Dana continues to fight back. Jade hits a chop block and trips Dana. Dana gets up and hits a couple of clotheslines before a back body drop. Jade kicks at her knee once agian. Dana hits a back elbow to counter a charge. Dana misses a Vader bomb from the second rope. Jade puts on a single leg crab. Dana tries to get to the ropes but Jade pulls her back into the middle. Jade puts more pressure and the referee calls the match with his discreation.

Winner – Cora Jade

Seth Rollins(c) vs Bron Breakker – World Heavyweight Championship

Rollins’ ribs are taped. He looks for a stomp right out of the gate after Breakker misses a tackle. Breakker dodges it. Breakker also blocks a pedigree before Rollins uses a low bridge to send him to the floor. Rollins hits a knee dive to take us to a break.

Breakker hits a hurricanrana as we return from the break. Breakker hits a back body drop. He hits a suplex next to get a two-count. Rollins hits back with some chops. Rollins hits a back elbow before Breakker hits a German suplex to get another two-count. Breakker gets ready for a spear but Rollins side steps to send him into the ring post. Rollins hits clotheslines but Breakker refuses to go down. Rollins hits a rolling elbow, a kick to his knee and a clothesline to drop Breakker. Rollins is unable to hit a suplex but blocks one from Breakker with a knee to his face.

Breakker is pushed to the floor and Rollins hits a trio of suicide dives. Back to the ring, Rollins gets ready for the stomp but Breakker rolls out again. Rollins hits a clothesline to drop him on the floor. Rollins clears the announced table. Breakker recovers but Rollins nails him with a superkick. Breakker lands on the announce table. Rollins hits a frog splash to put Breakker through the table. we cut to another break.

Rollins hits a rolling elbow. Breakker blocks a neckbreaker. Rollins counters a German suplex with a roll-up. Rollins nails a superkick but misses a frog splash. Breakker puts on the Stiener Recliner but Rollins is able to fight out of it quickly. Rollins goes to the top but Breakker hits him with an avalanche hurricanrana and a power slam for a near fall.

Rollins counters a spear with a knee and hits a pedigree for a near fall. Rollins sets up on the stomp but Breakker hits a spear for a near fall himself. Rollins hits a superkick as Breakker jumps from the top and quickly follows up with the stomp. He waits for Breakker to get to his knees and hits another stomp to get the pinfall.

Winner – Seth Rollins

Finn Balor attacks Rollins after the match. He slams a chair on Rollins’ back but Carmelo Hayes and Trcik Williams run out before he can hit Coupe de Grace. Hayes and Trick stop Rollins from attacking Balor. The show closes with Rollins staring down Balor.

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