AEW All Out: Bryan Danielson Defeats Ricky Starks in Strap Match

Bryan Danielson won the Strap match AEW All Out 2023
Bryan Danielson won the Strap match AEW All Out 2023, Credits- AEW

Bryan Danielson defeated Ricky Starks in a Strap match at AEW All Out 2023 PPV event.

The match was exceptionally brutal and bloody, as both wrestlers took full advantage of the no-disqualification stipulation. During the match, “The Dragon” Steamboat was present on the commentary side.

Before the beginning of the match, Starks initiated the attack by using a weight belt from ringside. In the entire match, Starks was trying to choke Danielson with the strap, but he failed.

The moment of the match came when Starks attempted a superplex on Danielson, but Danielson managed to escape from the top rope and send Starks crashing into the top turnbuckle.

At the end of the match, Danielson unleashed the Yes Kicks on Starks but was interfered with by Big Bill. Bill proceeded to attack Danielson, which resulted in Steamboat leaving the announce table and coming to Danielson’s aid.

Danielson then applied a lock with the strap around Starks’s neck. With no escape, Starks eventually lost consciousness, with the referee granting Danielson a technical submission.

Danielson has been sidelined from competition since the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event due to a broken arm. Ricky Starks was set to challenge “The Dragon” Steamboat at the All Out 2023 PPV event, but Danielson made a surprise entry and signed the contract for AEW All Out.

During the August 12 episode of AEW Collision, it was disclosed that Starks had initially received a 30-day suspension for his actions, which included whipping Steamboat as part of the storyline. However, the suspension was subsequently reduced to 28 days.

This was the second strap match for Danielson, with his first one taking place in WWE when he, known as Daniel Bryan, was defeated by The Fiend at WWE Royal Rumble 2020 PLE for WWE Universal Championship.

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