AEW All Out 2023 Live Results, Updates, Winners, Highlights

Krish Statlander vs Ruby Soho TBS Championship AEW All Out 2023, Credits- AEW
AEW All out 2023, Credits- AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW All Out 2023 PPV event which was live from United Center in Chicago, IL.

AEW had prepared a loaded card for the second week in a row for a PPV event. The event was set to be headlined by AEW International Championship match between Orange Cassidy and Jon Moxley. Bryan Danielson had returned to face Ricky Starks in a strap match. Darby Allin challenged for TNT title against Luchasaurus.

Kenny Omega was set for a clash against Don Callis client Konosuke Takeshita. Kris Statlander defended TBS Women’s title against Ruby Soho. FTR and The Young Bucks teamed up to face Bullet Club Gold. Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs were set for a powerhouse clash. MJF and Adam Cole defended ROH Tag Team titles against Dark Order’s John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

Samoa Joe defended ROH TV title against Shane Taylor. Katsuyari Shibata and Eddie Kingston took on Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli. The Acclaimed defended AEW Trios Championship against Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh on the pre-show. A Charity Battle Royal is announced for the pre-show along with a women’s trios match.

Tune in below as we post results from AEW All Out 2023 PPV with live updates, winners, highlights, and complete action.

Quick Results

  • Pre-show: Hangman Adam Page won Over Budget Charity Battle Royale.
  • Pre-show: Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue defeated Athena, Mercedes Martinez & Diamante in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Pre-show: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) & Billy Gunn (c) defeated (w/ Dennis Rodman) vs Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & Satnam Singh in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Trios Championship.
  • MJF & Adam Cole defeated Dark Order(Alex Reynolds & John Silver) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain ROH Tag Team Championship.
  • Samoa Joe(c) def, Shane Taylor in a singles match via submission to retain ROH TV World Championship.
  • Luchasaurus(c) defeated Darby Allin in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TNT Championship.
  • Miro defeated Powerhouse Hobbs in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Kris Statlander(c) defeated Ruby Soho in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TBS Women’s Championship.
  • Bryan Danielson defeated Ricky Starks in a strap match via technical submission(referee stoppage).
  • Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli defeated Eddie Kingston & Katsuyari Shibata in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Konosuke Takeshita defeated Kenny Omega in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Bullet Club Gold(Jay White, Juice Robinson, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) defeated FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) & The Young Bucks(Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Jon Moxley defeated Orange Cassidy(c) in a singles match via pinfall to win AEW International Championship.

Live updates

Over Budget Charity Battle Royale

Best Friends come out first. Dalton Castle comes out with the Boys. Scorpio Sky is also in the match. Hangman Page is the last one to make an entrance. Tony Nese takes the mic and mocks Chicago crowd for being the best charity case. Nese asks all the participants to do group training instead of fighting. Nese starts it off with some push-ups. The bell rings and Nese is picked up and thrown out of the ring. The Mogul Embassy attacks Castle and The Boys outside the ring to start a brawl. Komander hits them with rope walk shooting star press on them. Serpentico tries to hit Jake Hager with a powerbomb but Hager counters and hits throws him out. Shawn Spears hits Angelo Parker with a Death Valley Driver onto his knee.

Spears hits perfect 10 punches on Hager before Garcia engages him in a dance-off. Aussie Open throws Spears to the apron and hits a kick to eliminate him. Cage catches Komander’s crossbody. Komander hits a dropkick on him. He hits Liona and Kaun with enzuigiris. Cage hits a powerbomb on him before Liona and Kaun throw out Komander to eliminate him. Castle is saved from elimination by being caught by the Boys. Castle then punches Parker who also gets caught by The Boys who slowly put him down. Cage hits a clothesline on Castle to eliminate him. Andretti and Martin hit stereo kicks on Cage.

Best Friends hits double chokeslam on Cage. Lioan throws out Taylor. Kaun pulls Taylor to the apron and Hangman Page saves him with a springboard clothesline on Liona. Sky puts Hager over the ropes and throws him out. Trent saves Page from elimination. Page and Baretta work together to eliminate Mark Davis. Garcia is thrown out by Cage. Action Andretti, Page, Baretta, Liona, Brian Cage and Kyle Fletcher are the last 6. Trent hits a tornado DDT on Liona. Andretti fights Fletcher who sends him to the apron. Fletcher had to hit a running kick to eliminate him. Fletcher pulls out Baretta to the apron. Baretta hits a half-and-half suplex to eliminate him. Baretta is double-teamed by Cage and Liona who eliminate him.

Page hits punches on Cage and Liona. He counters a powerbomb into a sunset flip to take Cage to the apron. Page gets back into the ring and clotheslines Liona to eliminate him. Cage hits a knee strike and a neckbreaker. Cage throws Page to the apron. Page ducks a shot and hits Buckshot Lariat on the apron to eliminate Cage.

Winner – Hangman Adam Page

Athena, Mercedes Martinez & Diamante vs Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale, & Skye Blue

Athena throws Diamante to her opponents and leaves the ring. Diamante and Martinez are beaten up and thrown out of the ring. Skye hits a crossbody to take them down. Diamante is hit with punches from the second rope. Blue tags in and hits an enzuigiri and a knee strike. Martinez hits Blue with an elbow while the referee is distracted. Diamante hits a neckbreaker on Blue. Martinez holds Blue and Diamante slams Blue to the mat. Diamante and Athena choke Blue in the corner. Blue is cornered properly. Blue hits a jawbreaker but Diamante cuts her off with a clothesline.

Athena unloads on Blue viciously after the tag. Blue hits a big slap back. Athena picks her up and hits a powerbomb to get a two-count. Athena goes to argue with her partners when Willow tags in. Willow hits clotheslines on Athena after her tag out was refused by Diamante and Martinez. Willow hits a corner clothesline before she misses a corner splash. Everyone starts to get involved. Blue gets distracted by Billie Starkz from the floor. Martinez hits a German suplex from the top rope. Willow hits Martinez with a tackle. Athena drops her with a back drop. Willow rolls to the floor. Shida fights Athena and drops her with a big punch.

Blue pulls out Athena while Martinez does the same to Martinez. Willow tackles Athena into the barricade as she tries to attack Blue. Willow gets into the ring with Diamante. Blue hits Diamante with a superkick and hits Code Blue to get the win.

Winners – Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale, & Skye Blue

The Acclaimed(Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) & Billy Gunn(c) (w/ Dennis Rodman) vs Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, & Satnam Singh – AEW Trios Championship Match

A brawl starts the match. Satnam and Gunn fight out of the ring. Lethal is also thrown out. Bowens hits Jarrett with scissor me timbers and mock him by doing the strobe. Lethal hits a knee from outside to allow Jarrett to take over. Lethal comes in to hit a neckbreaker. He unloads with kicks on the other corner. Caster whips Lethal to the floor but Jarrett hits him from behind. Caster hits a slingblade. Bowens and Lethal get the tag. Bowens clotheslines Lethal before knocking off Satnam from the apron. Karen pulls Bowens’ leg to stop his momentum.

Bowens fights back to tag in Gunn. Gunn hits quick punches before Satnam comes in and chokeslams him. Bowens is also caught with a chokeslam. Karen Jarrett comes in with a guitar, but Audrey Edwards catches her. Karen and Sonjay Dutt argue with them in one corner. Daniel Rodman come in and hit Satnam with a guitar. Gunn hits Lethal with Fameasser. Caster hits Mic Drop to get the pinfall.

Winners – The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

The pre-show ends with a hype video on MJF & Cole vs Dark Order match.

Dark Order make their entrance as the main show starts.

MJF & Adam Cole vs Dark Order(Alex Reynolds & John Silver) – ROH Tag Team Championship

Cole and Silver start with side headlock takeovers. They run the ropes until Cole hits a pump kick. Cole & MJF signal for the double clothesline but Reynolds pulls out Silver to save him. MJF gets the sportsmanship chants after Reynolds tags in and offers him a handshake. MJF rakes his eyes when he does. MJF trips Reynolds. Kangaroo kick is blocked when Evil Uno distracts the referee and Silver takes a cheat shot. MJF is hit on the back of his neck. MJF moves to the floor where Cole checks on him. Silver attacks Cole before Reynolds hits MJF with a chair from behind. MJF is down on the floor.

MJF is taken to the back by medical team. Cole continues the match alone. Dark Order hits a double team uppercut on Cole. MJF is on the stage now. Silver hits a clothesline on Cole to get a two-count. Cole hits a jumping kick on Silver. Cole slips to the floor and hits a superkick on Reynolds. Back to the ring, Silver hits quick kicks on Cole before a fisherman’s buster to get a two-count. Reynolds tags in and hits some kicks to send Cole to the floor. Evil Uno beats up Cole and throws him into the ring post. Cole sends him to the floor with a back body drop. Cole hits a brainbuster on Silver. Evil Uno mocks Cole before Dark Order hit him with quick moves to get a near fall.

Dark Order hit double clothesline but Cole kicks out of the pin again. Reynolds gets a title belt but Cole hits him with a pump kick. He hits a superkick on Silver. MJF walks out and gets the tag. He hits quick shots on both opponents. He hits clotheslines before slamming their face into the corner pad. MJF hits kangaroo kick next to send the crowd into Frenzy. The calls for double clothesline. Evil Uno gets to the apron and Cole rocks him with a superkick. MJF & Cole hit double clothesline to get the pinfall.

Winners – MJF & Adam Cole

MJF is down once again after the match and is helped to the back. But, MJF pushes them away and walk by himself. Samoa Joe make his entrance. Joe pushes MJF away. MJF attacks him in anger and Joe puts him in a guillotine choke. A horde of crew members separate them.

Samoa Joe(c) vs Shane Taylor – ROH TV World Championship

Joe hits punches to start. Taylor hits a tackle before some punches in the corner. Joe hits back before Taylor drops him to send him to the floor. Joe slams his face into the barricade after pulling him out. Taylor hits uppercuts and takes Joe back to the ring. Taylor hits a knee drop on Joe before some more jabs. Joe hits an enzuigiri. He hits a running tackle before suicide dive on the floor. Joe hits quick shots before a senton to get a two count. Taylor ducks a clothesline and hits one himself to get a two-count. Joe drops his face on the ropes and puts on the sleeper.

Taylor pulls him over the ropes and hits a stunner. Taylor hits a splash from the second rope to get a two-count. Joe cuts him off on the ropes. Joe hits some lefts and rights. Taylor fires with the same in reply. Joe then hits back in anger and puts on Coquina Clutch to get a submission.

Winner – Samoa Joe

Luchasaurus(c) vs Darby Allin – AEW TNT Championship

Christian is in Luchasaurus’ corner. Nick Wayne is with Darby. Darby uses a low bridge to send Luchasaurus to the floor. He hits from the apron and jumps on Luchasaurus’ back. Luchasaurus tries to back him to the apron but Darby gets away. Luchasaurus throws him into the barricade. He whips him into the steel steps. Christian tells Luchasaurus to punish and finish Darby. Luchasaurus throws Darby’s face into the steel steps once again. Darby is split open on his head. Luchasaurus drops his face once again on the steps. Luchasaurus traps him under the steps and walks up the steps to put on his full body pressure. Wayne frees Darby from under the steps.

Luchasaurus hits a body slam as he get back in the ring. Another big shot from Luchasaurus before he whips him to the corner again for some punches. He hits a headbutt next. Luchasaurus goes for Chokeslam but Darby lands on his feet. Darby hits a crossbody to get a one-count. Luchasaurus hits a shoulder tackle to catch Darby mid air. Luchasaurus chokes Darby with some cloth. Darby uses that cloth to trip Luchasaurus on the apron. He pushes Luchasaurus into the ring post. Luchasaurus is set up on a chair and hit with a senton.

Luchasaurus goes for a backbreaker but Darby turns it into a crucifix for a near fall. Luchasaurus catches his Coffin splash and hits big German suplex. Luchasaurus puts on a backbreaker. Christian argues with Wayne on the floor to throw down a towel. Darby fights out of a backbreaker and hits Christian with a suicide dive. Darby gets to the top rope and hits a Code Red into a pinning position but Luchasaurus kicks out. Christian hits Wayne with a chair on the floor. Darby sees it and gets distracted. Luchasaurus trips him and hits a tombstone twice. Luchasaurus then hits a lariat to get the pinfall.

Winner – Luchasaurus

After the match, Christian Cage looks to hit con-chair but Best Friends run out make the save.

Miro vs Powerhouse Hobbs

They tie up and move around the ring. Hobbs pushes Miro away to win round. They lock up again and Miro pushes Hobbs away this time. Miro hits punches to corner Hobbs now. Hobbs reverses with hammer throws but Miro hits more shots off the ropes. Hobbs drops Miro with a clothesline. Hobbs keeps control with more shots. Miro hits a spinning leg lariat to get a two-count. Hobbs drops Miro’s face on the ropes. Miro hits back with a dropkick. Miro hits some stomps next. Hobbs hits belly-to-belly suplex to counter. He hits another one of these suplex.

Miro fires punches to the body but Hobbs hits back with a knee. Hobbs misses corner splash and falls to the floor. Miro hits a senton off the apron and on the mat. Miro drives Hobbs into the apron and into the barricade before throwing him into the ring. Hobbs puts on a waistlock before transitioning into a chinlock. Miro takes his trime to counter and breaks Hobbs’ grip. Miro his knees to midsection. They trade corner splashes and knee strikes before they no-sell clotheslines. Miro drops Hobbs with a clothesline. Miro sends Hobbs to the apron and hits chest slaps and punches. Hobbs drops Miro into the ring. He goes to the top rope and Miro follows him. Miro hits a superplex.

Miro hits Machka kick twice back-to-back but Hobbs hit back with a powerslam to get a two-count. Hobbs hits some short clotheslines on Miro. Miro drops him by hitting another Machka kick. Miro goes for the Gameover/Camel Clutch. Hobbs gets back on his feet and slams Miro to the corner. He hits a spinebuster but Miro kicks out. Hobbs looks for Gameover next but Miro avoids it and hits a spinebuster of his own. Miro puts on the Gameover and gets a tap out.

Winner – Miro

Hobbs offers a handshake after the match. Miro shakes hands and goes to leave. Hobbs attacks him from behind. Hobbs puts on a choke. Lana makes her AEW debut and comes out to hit Hobbs with a chair. Hobbs gets enraged but this allows Miro to hit him with more chair shots. Miro and Lana come face to face and it seems Miro is not happy seeing Lana.

Kris Statlander(c) vs Ruby Soho – AEW TBS Women’s Championship

Kris pushes Soho away after they lock up. Soho goes for a waistlock but Kris comes out of it easily. Soho trips Kris but she kips up. Soho trips her a couple of times more but Kris gets up easily each time. Kris drops her with a clothesline. She follows up with a kick and a running knee strike. Soho rolls to the floor and Kris throws her into the barricade. Kris runs after Saraya which allows Soho to hit her with a dropkick. Soho slams her head into the barricade. Back to the ring, Soho gets a two-count. Soho puts on a choke. Kiss throws her away.

Soho boots her to the corner. Kris hits a couple of clotheslines before Soho trips her again. Kris blocks No Future. She avoids several corner attacks in succession and throws some uppercuts in the corner and a knee strike. A powerslam gets her a two-count. Ruby hits a knee strike but Kris hits a backbreaker and a Michinoku driver to get a close two-count. Kris puts on Gory special but Ruby counters with a roll through. Ruby hits a kick to trip Kris. Kris goes for a piledriver but Soho uses sunset flip to counter.

Saraya tears up a sign in the front row. Soho fires some punches. Kris joins her on the top rope and hits an avalanche powerslam to get a near fall. Soho lands an elbow. Kris fires back with the same. Ruby hits a poisonrana and a monkey flip into a DDT before a hurricanrana to target Kris’ neck for a near fall. They trade slaps while down on the floor. Kris hits blue thunderbomb to get a two-count. Saraya runs a distraction that allows Ruby to hit No Future kick and Desitnation Unknown, but Kris still kicks out of the pin. Ruby gets hands up on the spray paint. Toni Storm comes out from underneath the ring and takes away the paint can. Kris hits Sunday Night Fever to get the pinfall.

Winner – Kris Statlander

Bryan Danielson vs Ricky Starks – Strap Match

Ricky refuses to put on the strap and attacks Bryan before the bell. He picks up the weight belt and slams it on Bryan’s back. He hits a punch on the head using the buckle. Bryan is split open already. Bryan gets up on his feet and Ricky puts on the strap to get the match started. Ricky sends Bryan into the barricade. He stomps at Bryan’s head on the steel steps. A leg drop is followed on the apron for a two-count. Ricky chokes Bryan with the strap before hitting a double stomp on the back. He hits more shots on the lacerated head.

Ricky hits him with the strap a few more times. Bryan hits back with punches, kicks and knees before Ricky sends him to the apron with a back body drop. Ricky puts him in a choke once again with the strap. Bryan slips off the top rope and trips Ricky’s groin on the top turnbuckle. Bryan hits Ricky with big shots with the strap before going to choke him with the strap while he is in a tree of woe. He hits strap shots on the chest next. Bryan hits a trio of low dropkicks. Ricky gets to the floor. Bryan tries to attempt a suicide dive but Ricky hits him with the strap. Bryan pulls Starks into the ring post using the strap.

Bryan puts the strap around Ricky and the post. Ricky is also split open on the head. Bryan slams strap on his back more times. Bryan hits running knee strikes in the corner as they get back to the ring. Ricky hits a clothesline to cut him off. They slam each other with the strap when they get up. Ricky gets the advantage in that fight. Bryan gets enraged though and starts to no-sell those strap shots, asking for more. Bryan starts to hit back at him with the strap before hitting a few Yes kicks. Big Bill comes in and starts to punch Bryan. Ricky Steamboat gets up from the commentary and fights Bill.

Bryan saves Steamboat from a chokeslam by throwing Starks on them. Bryan hits a crossbody on Bill and Ricky. Back to the ring, Ricky counters Busaika knee with a spear for a near fall. Ricky goes for Roshambo but Bryan slips out and hits Busaika knee. Ricky kicks out of a two-count. Bryan hits stomps to the face before putting on the crossface. Bryan puts the strap around the throat and chokes him out. Ricky tries to hang on and keeps screaming “no”. But, the pressure puts him to sleep ultimately and the referee calls the match.

Winner – Bryan Danielson

Nigel McGuiness announces that Adam Page is donating The Chicago Public Education Fund the $50,000 that he won in the battle royal on the pre-show.

Eddie Kingston & Katsuyari Shibata vs Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli

Shibata starts against Yuta with some chain wrestling. Yuta works well to avoid getting locked up for a while before Shibata puts on juji-gatame. Yuta gets his legs on the ropes. Shibata hits a big kick to the back before some kawada kicks. Claudio tags in and hits uppercuts on Shibata. Shibata hangs back on the ropes to avoid a dropkick. Claudio ducks a penalty kick. Eddie tags in and Claudio tags out to Yuta immediately. Eddie and Yuta trade chops. Eddie drops Yuta with big shots. Eddie tackles Claudio off the apron and starts to fight him. Yuta hits a suicide dive on Eddie. Claudio slams him into the barricade.

Claudio hits shots at the back of his neck in the ring after he gets the tag. Claudio hits some body shots before a big uppercut. Yuta kicks him in the ribs after the tag. Eddie hits a butterfly suplex to counter Yuta but Claudio tags in quickly to stop his tag out. Eddie finally fights back and tags in Shibata to run riot. Claudio has to break a pin on Yuta. Claudio takes Shibata to the floor and sends him into in the barricade with an uppercut.

Eddie fires shots on Yuta after landing on his feet with a dragon suplex. Yuta comes off the ropes and unloads on Eddie. Eddie hits back and Yuta drops to the corner. Claudio tags in and trade chops with Eddie. He hits a piledriver but Eddie kicks out. Shibata is back on the apron. Claudio goes for a powerbomb but Eddie hits back with a hammerfist and northern lights bomb. Yuta breaks the pin. Shibata puts Yuta in a sleeper. Eddie nails Yuta with a hammer fist when breaks free. Shibata puts on the sleeper choke once again. Claudio hits an European uppercut on Eddie to get the pinfall while Shibata is still busy putting on the choke on Yuta.

Winners – Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli

Kenny Omega vs Konosuke Takeshita

Omega starts with hammerlock. Takeshita counters with an arm wringer. Omega puts on a headlock before Takeshita reverses it. Omega gets him to his knees. Takeshita slams his head to the mat. Omega kicks at the midsection. Takeshita rakes his face. Omega hits some kicks before Takeshita hits a dropkick. Takeshita hits a back suplex. Omega rolls to the floor. Takeshita whips him to the barricade and follows up with a big boot. Omega hits a rolling senton on the floor and a moonsault from the barricade.

Omega hits a dropkick to the knee before a kick to the ribs and a bulldog. Omega puts on Indian deathlock. Takeshita gouges at Omega’s eyes to break free. Takeshita runs the ropes to hits flying clothesline. Takeshita hits back elbows before Omega fights out of the corner, only to be dropped face first into the turnbuckle. Takeshita hits a sheer drop brainbuster on the floor. Takeshita brings out some chairs on the floor. The referee stops him from using the chairs. Callis stacks up chair on top of Omega while Takeshita talks to the referee. Takeshita hits senton on Omega on top of chairs. Takeshita hits a big boot on Omega before a blue thunderbomb to get a two-count.

Takeshita hits a senton to get a two-count. Omega hits some chops before Takeshita drops him with a forearm. Omega gets his knees up to counter a back senton. Omega hits polish hammers before Takeshita nails a haymaker. Omega ducks a jumping knee and Takeshita’s momentum takes him to the floor. Omega hits a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Omega gets to the top and hits a missile dropkick to Takeshita’s back. He hits a couple of snap dragon suplexes. Takeshita blocks the third one with a back elbow. Omega hits a knee to his back and a poisonrana to get a two-count.

Takeshita avoids the V-Trigger. Both men land on their feet when they hit dragon suplexes. Omega htis a rising knee strike. Takeshita hits a lariat to turn Omega inside out. They take time in getting up. Omega slips out of a powerbomb and hits one himself. Omega follows it up with a ripcord knee stirke. V-Trigger connects but Takeshita slips out of the One Winged Angel. Takeshita hits a piledriver to get a near fall. He hits a deadlift bridging German suplex to get a near fall. Kenny fires punches. Takeshita fires some of his own. Omega hits a leg lariat to the back of Takeshita’s head. Omega hits a knee strike in the corner.

Omega takes Takeshita to the top rope looking but Takeshita slips out. Takeshita climbs back to the top once again and Takeshita hits avalanche blue thunderbomb for a near fall. Takeshita hits powerdrive knee to get another near fall. Callis tries to use the screwdriver on Omega but he dodges it. Takeshita picks up the screwdriver before Omega picks him up for One Winged Angel. The referee takes the screwdriver away. Takeshita rolls over to counter One Winged Angel. Takeshita hits a deadlift German suplex and powerdrive knee to get another knee fall. Takeshita pulls down his knee cap and hits another powerdrive knee to get the pinfall.

Winner – Konosuke Takeshita

Bullet Club Gold(Jay White, Juice Robinson, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) vs FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) & The Young Bucks(Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

Dax starts against White, but White tags out to Colten Gunn. Dax also tags out to Cash. Colten and Cash tie up and switch hammerlocks. They hit armdrags before Colten hits a kick to midsection. Cash gets him down in a side headlock takeover. Austin gets a blind tag and trips Cash with an ankle pick. Cash trips the leg before a shoulder block, a deep armdrag and a hurricanrana. Matt Jackson tags into the match. Nick tags in to hit stomp on the arm before some quick double-team moves. Colten comes in and gets dropped with a back-body drop. They hit stereo dropkicks on Austin. Dax tags in again. White also tags in.

White corners Dax and hits kicks to the body before a chop. Dax hits back with a big chop. White takes Dax to his corner and Bullet Club Gold take over with quick tags. The showboating cost them tough as Dax hits White with a big chop before knocking off all the others from the apron. Cash tags in for tandem chops before an elbow drop on White. White blocks a suplex but eats a chop. White lands on his feet on a suplex and hits a low dropkick to the injured knee. Juice comes in and hits quick jabs before a big left to drop him.

All 8 men get into the ring to start a brawl. FTR and The Bucks counter at the same time and hit inverted atomic drops. They all put sharpshooters at the same time. The referee gives the illegal men 5 count to get out. Juice trips Dax on the floor to take over control. White hits a suplex into the turnbuckle to get a two-count. BCG corner Dax once again with quick tags. Juice puts on a chinlock to keep Dax grounded. Dax hits a jawbreaker. Juice hits a shoulder tackle. Dax hits a side suplex. Colten tags in to stop the tag out and throws Dax out of the ring. White hits Dax with a brainbuster on the apron. Colten hits a dropkick in the ring.

Colten hits a corner splash. He misses the second splash. Juice tags in quickly and knocks Dax to the corner. Dax avoids a cannonball in the corner. Hot tags to Austin and Nick. Nick fires shots on 3 opponents in the ring. Matt comes in to hit superkick on Juice before a sliced bread from Matt. Austin is chopped to his knee and hit with superkick party. Cash gets a blind tag and flips over Colten. Cash catches Nick’s superkick and they land superkick on Austin. White fires back on FTR and Nick in the ring but runs into a spike from Matt. The match descends into a chaos again. FTR and the Bucks clear the ring.

Dax hits superplex on Austin before the other three members hit splashes on him. Juice pulls Dax out of the ring to break the pin. Suicide dives follow after this from both sides. Austin rolls up Dax to get a two-count. White tags into trade chops with Dax. White is saved from the Shatter Machine. Dax and Nick hit Shatter Machine on Austin. Dax and Matt hit BTE Trigger on White but Colten breaks the pin. Colten hits Fameasser on Nick on the floor. The chaos continues and White hits Blade Runner on Cash Wheeler to get the pinfall.

Winners – Bullet Club Gold

Orange Cassidy(c) vs Jon Moxley – AEW International Championship

Cassidy just stands in the corner after the bell rings. He casually gets in the middle after wasting some time. He goes to put his hands in the pocket when Moxley decks him with a big shot. Moxley hits big chops before unloading with punches from the second rope. Cassidy hits back with a back elbow and dropkick. Moxley avoids an early Orange punch and hits a couple of Saito suplexes in quick succession. They trade chops in the corner. Cassidy is sent to the apron where he slams Mox’s face into the turnbuckle a few times by combining it with forearm shots. Mox hits back with stomps on the face. Cassidy hits stundog millionaire and a suicide dive. Mox hits suplex back in the ring.

Moxley slams Cassidy’s face into the ring post and piledriver on the floor. Cassidy is split open on the head. Mox hits at the lacerations to hurt him more. Mox continues to gauge at the head on the announce table when the referee tells him to get back to the ring. The referee starts the countdown and Cassidy beats it. Mox hits a piledriver in the ring to get a two-count. Mox hits crossface punches to follow up. Mox puts his hands in his pocket to mock Cassidy. Cassidy hits back with punches. He gets to the top rope. Mox meets him up top. Cassidy rakes his back and bites his head. He hits a diving DDT and follows up with another DDT.

Mox nails him with jabs before Orange counters and hits Orange Punch for a two-count. Cassidy goes for beach break but Mox reverses it with gotch piledriver. Cassidy reverse the pin attempt to get a two-count. Mox puts on the bulldog choke before turning into an armbar. Cassidy tries to break free but Mox turns it into a crossface. Cassidy almost gives up before summoning the courage to roll over and get his legs on the ropes to break it. Mox exposes the floor and looks for Piledriver but Cassidy reverses it into a Beach Break. Cassidy hits a dropkick on Mox’s face against the steel step. Cassidy gets to the ring.

The referee starts the countdown. Moxley beats it after 9. Mox gets up on his feet and Cassidy nails him with Orange Punch. Moxley drops to his knees on the second Orange Punch. Mox counters the third one with a cutter. Cassidy counters Paradigm shift with the third Orange Punch. Cassidy hits a spear but Mox kicks out. Cassidy hits kicks to the face. Mox hits King Kong Lariat but Cassidy gets up. Mox hits him with two more lariats to get a two-count. Moxley hits Death Rider but Cassidy kicks out of the pin. Moxley hits another death rider to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jon Moxley

Blackpool Combat Club comes out to celebrate with Moxley. They take him to the back. Cassidy recovers to a chorus of cheers and “Thank You, Orange” chants. The show goes off the air.

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