AEW Collision August 12, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Highlights

House of Black vs CMFTR AEW Collision August 12
House of Black vs CMFTR AEW Collision August 12, Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Collision August 12, 2023, which was live from Greensboro, NC, with the build-up for All In 2023 and All Out 2023 events.

CMFTR(CM Punk, Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) were set to challenge House of Black’s Malakai Black, Buddy Mathews and Brody King for AEW Trios Championship. Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale teamed up with Mercedes Martinez & Diamante in a women’s tag team match.

The Acclaimed also returned to action in a tag team match, but their opponents were not revealed yet. Ricky Starks was set for a promo addressing his attack on Ricky Steamboat last week. We also heard from Powerhouse Hobbs.

Tune in below as we post results live from AEW Collision August 12, 2023, with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) defeated Iron Savages(Bronson & Bolder) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Mercedes Martinez & Diamante defeated Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Samoa Joe defeated Andrew Everret in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Luchasaurus(c) defeated Brock Anderson in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TNT Championship.
  • House of Black(Malakai Black, Buddy Mathews & Brody King) defeated CMFTR(CM Punk, Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Trios Championship.


We get hype promos from CMFTR, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus to start the show.

Ricky Starks will Set This Place on Fire!

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he brings out Ricky Starks. Starks has Steamboat’s belt in his hands by which he whooped Steamboat last week. Tony tells us Starks is suspended from wrestling for 30 days due to his beatdown of Ricky Steamboat. Starks says there need to be consequences for your action, and he is talking about Steamboat. He adds that this place has a history of screwing around good guys and he is not surprised by this suspension.

But, he has a manager’s license also. So, he will be on TV every week because this is his show. He tells CM Punk is that the blood is on his hands because he brought in Steamboat. He can live with blood on his hands, but can Punk live with that? Starks says he will set this company on fire starting next week.

We get a video package for the rivalry between The Young Bucks and FTR.

The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) vs Iron Savages(Bronson & Bolder)

Bowens starts against Bronson who lands forearm shots. Bowens hits chops and punches to take Bronson to the corner. Caster is tagged in for a back splash and dropkick. Bolder comes in and Caster hits him with punches. Bowens comes in but gets thrown to the corner for a tag to Caster again. Caster nails a big punch but fails to pick up Bolder. Bowens hits punches but cannot hit Fameasser. Bolder catches both men and hits a Samoan drop. We cut to a break.

Bronson hits a body slam on Caster as we return. He misses a diving headbutt. Bowens gets the tags and hits clotheslines, chops, big right and elbow shots. Bolder tags in and Bowens hits quick kicks before Bolder sends him flying with a back body drop. Iron Savages double team to slam him to the mat. Caster breaks the pin. Bronson throws Caster out of the ring. Bolder gets Bronson on his shoulder but Caster hits him with a dropkick.

Caster tags in and finally gets him up on his shoulder to hit a Death Valley Driver. Jack Jamieson is hit with Scissor Me Timbers by Bowens when he tries to interfere. The Acclaimed hit double Fameassers before Bowens pins Bronson.

Winners – The Acclaimed

After the match, Caster takes the mic and Billy Gunn’s shoes. He says they will be wrestling again on Dynamite. Billy may not be there, but he is there in spirit. The fans did not get to say goodbye to Billy, so, the fans can throw some scissors in the air. The fans in the arena throw their scissors up in the air.

Bullet Club Gold are backstage and are offended with the best brothers tag team tag for The Young Bucks and claim that The Gunns are that. They will fight The Young Bucks on Dynamite.

We get a video package for the history between MJF and Adam Cole.

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale vs Mercedes Martinez & Diamante

Kris starts against Diamante and throws her when she goes for a waistlock. Diamante attacks her from behind when Kris gets engaged with Mercedes. Diamante hits an armdrag. Statlander slams her to the mat before Willow hits a low crossbody. Willow hits a pump kick. Mercedes holds Diamante back to stops Willow’s shoulder tackle. Mercedes gets in and hits a Death Valley Driver. Willow fights out of the corner but Mercedes hits a drop toe hold. Mercedes ties up Willow in a paradise lock before double dropkicks from Diamante and Mercedes. We cut to a break.

Willow shows off his athleticism to avoid a double team attack as we return.. She hits a spinebuster on Mercedes and an Urinage on Diamante. Kris fires punches before some dropkicks after the tag. She sends Diamante into Mercedes before taking both down with a leg sweep. Willow tags in for sentons on both women simultaneously. Mercedes pushes Kris into Willow to knock her down to the mat. Kris is thrown to the floor before Mercedes throws Diamante on them.

Mercedes drops Willow in the ring before Willow hits back with a tackle to send her to the floor. Diamante it also dropped. Kris comes in to hit Diamante with Fisherman’s buster. Mercedes and Willow are the legal ones. Mercedes throws Kris to the floor. Mercedes rolls up Willow and Diamante gives her support to get the pinfall.

Winners – Mercedes Martinez & Diamante

Toni Storm is interviewed backstage and demands a little respect since she has just lost her title. She is feeling a little better since she has got a rematch and her girl Saraya will also be there in the match. Toni gets angry when Hikaru Shida’s name comes up. Toni threatens the interviewer to get thrown out by the security. Toni also throws out her heels at her.

Samoa Joe vs Andrew Everett

Joe starts with quick fire punches before he throws Everret to the corner and unloads some more. Joe hits a Pele kick in the corner. Everett tries to fight back but Joe side steps a move and puts on Coquina Clutch to get a submission.

Winner – Samoa Joe

Joe takes the mic and says he stands here as our now and forever television king. He awaits a response for his challenge to CM Punk from last week, but he is only getting a deafening silence. Joe says he gave Punk the courtesy of asking, but now, he will convince him to fight.

Our TNT Champion!

Christian and AEW TNT Champion Luchasaurus are out in the ring. Christian starts by taking shots at the crowd. He takes shots at Michael Jordan next for more cheap heat. He then claims to be far superior than Ric Flair or any other wrestlers from North Carolina. They demand respect as TNT Champions, whether it is from the crowd or from the wrestlers backstage. He feels disrespected by Darby Allin. He claims that Darby will not be able to touch it until it is in his possesion. He claims that he is building the legacy as TNT Champion while Darby keeps doing backflips on his skateboard.

Arn Anderson comes out with his son Brock to interrupt Christian. He gives props to the crowd before telling Christian that he is not the champion. Arn refers to their beatdown months back. Christian says he has stopped open challenges but can make an exception for Arn. Arn says he would have taken the challenge if it was 20 years ago. Brock runs into the ring to accept the challenge.

Luchasaurus(c) vs Brock Anderson – AEW TNT Championship

Brock hits a chop on Luchasaurus but he no-sells it. Luchasaurus throws him to the corner. Brock ducks in the corner and hits a kick. Luchasaurus hits back with a pump kick. He hits a superkick to send Brock to the apron. Luchasaurus slams a big shot on the chest to drop Brock to the floor. Arn chases Christian when he tries to interfere. Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam as we go to a break.

Brock is fighting back with punches as we return. He hits running punches but Luchasaurus refuses to go down. Luchasaurus hits another chokeslam. He hits a lariat on the back and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Luchasaurus

Darby Allin tries to attack Luchasaurus from behind but Luchasaurus ducks it. Darby hits a dropkick with a skateboard to force him to get out of the ring. Darby says since Luchasaurus is millions year old, did he ever had a skateboard up his a##. Darby challenges Christian for a match next week. Christian accepts the challenge.

What’s Next of Hobbs!

Tony Schiavone brings out Powerhouse Hobbs and asks him about the offer from QTV crew last week. Hobbs says that last week an opportunity presented itself in form of All Out at United Center. From the last few weeks, there is always someone distracting him. So, he went back to one thing that provides him with voilence – that is the Book of Hobbs. He does not need anyone’s help apart from the Book of Hobbs. The next chapter in this book is redemption. So, he calls out the Redeemer. Tony gets out of the ring immediately.

Miro makes his entrance. Aaron Solow and Nick Comorato attack Miro at ringside. Hobbs just stands in one corner while they throw Miro in the ring. Miro fights back against Solow and Comorato but Hobbs hits him with a spinebuster. He puts the Book of Hobbs on Miro’s chest before leaving.

House of Black(Malakai Black, Buddy Mathews & Brody King) vs CMFTR(CM Punk, Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) – AEW Trios Championship

Punk starts against Buddy who puts him in a chinlock. The referee breaks them up in the corner. Punk puts on the chinlock then. They no-sells shoulder clash a few times. Cash tags in for some quick takeovers from both sides. Cash hits an armdrag after Buddy runs the ropes. Dax comes in to hit chops and a suplex to get a one-count. Brody holds Buddy to the ropes and tags in. Brody hits a big chops to corner Dax where he hits more chops and elbows. Dax hits a kick to the knee to bring him down and hits punches and chops. Cash tags in for some double team.

Punk hits Buddy with a crossbody when he runs in. FTR work on Brody to send him to the floor with a double dropkick. Black calms down Brody on the floor. Black tags in while Punk is in from the other side. They circle around before Punk puts on a wrist lock. Black gets out of it with an armwringer. Punk hits an arm drag before Black hits a knee to the jaw. Black takes FTR off the apron. Black blocks GTS and they come to a stalemate. Punk sits down in the ring. Black sits down in front of him. Buddy and Brody come in, and so does FTR to start a brawl. We cut to a break.

Dax is fighting Buddy on the apron. Buddy is able to bring him down and tags in Brody. Brody boots Dax in the corner before slamming him to the match hits some chops. Black puts on a chinlock as he comes in. Black hits a knee to gut when Dax tries to break free. Brody hits a back elbow. Dax comes back with DDT. Buddy comes in but is unable to stop a tag as Dax hits him with back body drop.

Punk tags in to hit him with shoulder tackles and a DDT. Punk hits a back body drop before hitting a jumping knee. Black saves Buddy but Punk hits him with a roundhouse kick. Buddy blocks GTS but Punk hits him with a clothesline. Punk goes to the top but a distraction allows Black to trip Punk off the top rope. Brody tags in and hits a cannonball in the corner. Punk is down on the floor. We cut to a break.

Brody is still in control. He hits a suplex before Buddy comes in to put on a chinlock. Punk hits back elbows to Brody and Black but Buddy hits him with a jumping knee. Punk hits Buddy with GTS. Tags to Cash and Brody. Cash hits clothesliens and a low dropkick. Black is sent to the floor with a big uppercut. Cash hits dropkicks to Brody to corner him. He hits a snap powerslam on Black. Dax and Cash clothesline Black and Brody to the floor before hitting a back body drop on Buddy. They hit suicide dives on House of Black on the floor.

Cash hits a bulldog on Brody in the ring. Brody counters a suplex with a double DDT on FTR. Brody gets to the top rope. FTR hit him with double superplex. Punk hits an elbow drop after the tag but Brody kicks out of the pin. A Shatter Machine on Brody from FTR before Buddy is dropped. Punk drops Black with a roundhouse kick. Dax hits a flying headbutt on Brody for a near fall. Punk rolls to the floor to chase Black. Samoa Joe puts Punk in Coquina clutch and puts him to sleep. Julia Hart distracts Dax as she comes to the apron. Brody hits a discuss lariat on Dax to get the pinfall.

Winners – House of Black

House of Black stand tall to close the show.

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