Trick Williams vs Ilja Dragunov Set on August 22 NXT Heatwave

NXT Heatwave
NXT Heatwave, credits- WWE NXT

Trick Williams will clash in a one-on-one match with Ilja Dragunov at the August 22, 2023, event of NXT Heatwave.

During the August 8 episode of NXT, Heatwave event was revealed by Trick Williams during a face-off with Ilja Dragunov. NXT Heatwave will be presented as a special televised edition of WWE NXT.

On the August 8 episode of NXT, Ilja Dragunov challenged Williams to a one-on-one match, and Williams proposed the match for NXT Heatwave event. Dragunov accepted the challenge and confidently stated that Williams’s career would meet its end after their upcoming bout.

During the confrontation, Dragunov mentioned Williams was responsible for his defeat during the NXT Great American Bash, where Dragunov lost to Carmello Hayes for the NXT Championship match.

The last time Williams and Dragunov came face-to-face was during the July 25 episode of NXT where Dragunov brutally assaulted Hayes and Williams. After Great American Bash, Williams told Hayes that he wanted to be his own man. As his first act alone, Williams called out Dragunov to start their rivalry.

Wes Lee is also set to face Dijak next week, and the winner of the match will face Carmello Hayes for the NXT Championship at the NXT Heatwave event.

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