SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 4 June 2019

Lars Sullivan Interview

Lars Sullivan comes out for his first official interview and the crowd keeps chanting Goldberg at him. Kayla Braxton asks him why does he keep attacking people. He compares himself to a Lion which stalks its prey. He says his primary function to dissect and dehumanize people and wants to show people that life is full of pain, suffering and agony.

Sullivan asks Kayla what do people call him. Kayla is terrified but he encourages her to speak out ‘Freak’. Lars says he has been called a freak his entire life and has learned to accept it. He then went on to say that his primary function is to hurt, dissect and dehumanize people. The world is full of pain, agony and a real-life freak nature like him.

Andrade and Finn Balor go at it!

Andrade is out for a match. Apollo Crews is his opponent but Andrade attacks him before the bell and beats the life out of him. Finn Balor runs down to make the save and takes the upper hand with the stomp and swing blade. But Vega interrupts him and he ends up on the receiving end of a Hammerlock DDT. Andrade leaves with Zelina Vega to end the segment.

Goldberg Assures the Undertaker

Goldberg makes his entrance minus the pyro. The crowd chants “Gooooldberg” and he tells them “Don’t do this to me again”. He says it’s been 20 years since he’s wanted to get in the ring with The Undertaker. And he finally gets it. He acknowledges The Undertaker saying that he didn’t want “the family man” Goldberg, but he wants the ass-kicking icon Goldberg that went 173-0. He says Undertaker is right and he has left the family man Goldberg at home. Goldberg guarantees that at Friday, Undertaker will get the ass-kicking Goldberg. The Undertaker is next to Rest In Peace!

The sound of Undertaker’s gong hits and he appears in the ring. Goldberg turns around and stands right in his face. The lights go out again and Taker is gone. The crowd went nuts for their face to face. As Taker dissappers, Goldberg says Friday night it is, then! and leaves for backstage.

SmackDown Results Chronology

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