SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 4 June 2019

Backstage, Shane McMahon says that anything Roman Reigns does, Shane McMahon can do better. He is set to go out to the ring later and call out Reigns and wonders whether we will see The Big Dog or a scared little puppy.

A Moment of Bliss with Bayley

Alexa Bliss enters for her talk show segment as we head to break. She is her ring gears which kind of gives away that there will be a match coming up. She announces Bayley and after a long time, we will get to see Bayley in normal clothes.

Bliss is not satisfied with her coffee and asks for a new one. Bayley gets pissed off when Bliss wanted to wait for another coffee. When Bayley takes offense, Bliss tries to undermine her title win at Money in the Bank. Bayley reminds her that it was exactly like Bliss won the RAW Women’s title last time around. And they were going back and forth when Bliss cuts her and asks for her coffee.

As the coffee comes, Bayley slaps it out of her hand. Carmella comes out and reminds us that she had been both Ms. Money In The Bank and SmackDown Women’s Champion. She is followed by Charlotte Flair, who says that Shane McMahon has announced a match to determine the #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s title at Stomping Grounds between her, Carmella and Bliss.

Carmella goes searching for R-Truth backstage who has been using her phone to text Shane McMahon. Carmella gets a call from Shane for R-Truth. Truth tells him that this 24/7 title is taking a toll on him. Shane tells him that he has a proper 24/7 title match next.

Elias is out with an electric guitar.

Elias Beats R-Truth for 24/7 Championship

We are getting a Lumberjack match between R-Truth and Elias. No other superstar is allowed to pin Truth for the duration of the match. Truth tries to win right away with a roll-up but Elias kicks out. Elias throws him out of the ring so he can get beat up a bit. Elias hits a huge knee and hits the Drift away for the pin and the win to become the 24/7 Champion.

R-Truth Beats Elias to become 24/7 Champion

The lumberjacks surround Elias after the match and everyone starts brawling. Elias somehow manages to crawl away from the fight but Truth finds him. He chases Elias under the ring and comes back out as the new champion after the ref calls for the bell again. Drake Maverick chases him into the crowd.

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