SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 4 June 2019

Aleister Black gets another video promo where he wonders whether it is out of cowardice that no one has knocked on his door after his open challenge last week.

Shane and Company Demolishes Roman Reigns

Shane McMahon is out to address Roman Reigns with The Revival in tow with him. He asks Mitt Rome for his Best in the World introduction and the crowd starts “CM Punk” chants. He tells The Revival that last night was incredible, praising Dash & Dawson for taking out The Usos and Roman Reigns and wants to look at it another time. Shane was in his stride with the promo when Roman enters. The Revival runs for him at the entrance and he decks both of them with the Superman punch.

Shane is out of backup now as Roman proceeds towards him. Drew McIntyre comes out of nowhere and hits him with Claymore kick. He takes Roman to the ring where he assists for Shane to hit a spear.

Alexa Bliss Defeated Carmella and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat Match to become #1 Contender for SmackDown Women’s Championship

Bliss goes right after Charlotte but gets thrown out of the ring. Charlotte and Carmella fight until Bliss comes in and hits a sunset flip bomb on Charlotte for a two count. Mella sends her back out of the ring and locks Flair in the Code of Silence. Flair uses her power to pick her up off the mat. Carmella rolls her up for two count. Bliss comes in and levels Carmella with a right hand. Charlotte nails her with a big boot before Mella comes in and superkicks her. Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille walk in but don’t interfere. Carmella goes to the outside, where she is taken out by Bliss. Flair hits Bliss with a few chops before the break.

Carmella hits a hurricanrana on Flair from the top turnbuckle for a nearfall. The crowd gets behind Carmella, who hits the Bronco buster on Alexa Bliss. Flair takes her down and gets the figure-8 locked in but Bliss breaks the hold by a Twisted Bliss on Flair. She goes for the pin but Carmella breaks it up. Flair hits a Natural Selection on Bliss, but Carmella once again breaks it up. Mella hits the Superkick on Bliss but Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose pull her out to keep her away from the pin. Bliss hits a DDT on her to get the pin and the match against Bayley at Stomping Grounds.

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