SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 4 June 2019

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Goldberg Smackdown 4 June 2019

Quick Results

  • Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
  • Elias Beats R-Truth to become 24/7 Champion
  • R-Truth Beats Elias to become 24/7 Champion
  • Alexa Bliss Defeated Carmella and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat Match to become #1 Contender for SmackDown Women’s Championship


Kofi and Ziggler promos!

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods from the New Day open the show. Kofi takes the mic and says, “last 3 months has told me that life is crazy. He thought that he won it all, made all the right friends. Kofi admits that there’s been a lot of lows but he takes a lot of pride in fighting through those lows – and it provided him with the opportunity of a lifetime at WrestleMania. It is more important for him to inspire people and make them believe. He takes us to a vignette for his trip to Ghana. He continues to recall some incredible moments from his trip when Dolph Ziggler interrupts.

Ziggler tells Kofi if it was any other superstar than him, he would have beaten the hell of him in the ring. It is not about Kofi but it is about him. He also takes us to a video highlighting major moments from his career. He tells the crowd that he gave everything to them and WWE but it was Kofi who got the WrestleMania moment. Kofi has been the hero in the story but soon everyone will realize it should have been him.

Kofi reminds him that Ziggler defeated him when he became the Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion and also reminds him of how he laid down the United States title in 2017. He tells him that he will never quit the title like him and at Super ShowDown, it will never be him. Ziggler takes us to one more video. This time the brutal beatdown of Kofi from Ziggler and he ended the promo that with, “Friday will be him”. As he leaves, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn enter for the tag team match.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Zayn and Woods start the match. Zayn dodges Xavier and starts stomping on him in the corner. Xavier comes back with a dropkick and goes for arm twist. They reverse the lock and Xavier tags in Kofi who hits a double ax handle. KO is also tagged in. He teases tagging Zayn back and tries to sneak an attack but Kofi was alert. Kofi gets cornered anyway to be stomped for some time but comes back with a dropkick. Sami is tagged in now and is cornered. He survives a nearfall and rolls out of the ring.

Kofi hits a suicide dive to take out both Zayn and KO. As Woods goes back to the ring, KO holds his leg at the apron and Zayn takes the advantage. Owens throws Woods into the barricade and hits a senton on Xavier for two as we head to a break.

KO puts Woods on the top turnbuckle where Woods fights him out and throws him down. Woods makes the hot tag to Kingston while Zayn also gets the tag. He hits a flurry of moves on Zayn- Flying clothesline, dropkick, boom drop. As he gets ready for his finisher, KO tries to interfere but Woods keeps him busy. Kofi hits Sami with Trouble in Paradise for the pin and the win.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Dolph Ziggler attacks Kofi and Woods as soon as the match gets over.

Backstage, Shane McMahon says that anything Roman Reigns does, Shane McMahon can do better. He is set to go out to the ring later and call out Reigns and wonders whether we will see The Big Dog or a scared little puppy.

A Moment of Bliss with Bayley

Alexa Bliss enters for her talk show segment as we head to break. She is her ring gears which kind of gives away that there will be a match coming up. She announces Bayley and after a long time, we will get to see Bayley in normal clothes.

Bliss is not satisfied with her coffee and asks for a new one. Bayley gets pissed off when Bliss wanted to wait for another coffee. When Bayley takes offense, Bliss tries to undermine her title win at Money in the Bank. Bayley reminds her that it was exactly like Bliss won the RAW Women’s title last time around. And they were going back and forth when Bliss cuts her and asks for her coffee.

As the coffee comes, Bayley slaps it out of her hand. Carmella comes out and reminds us that she had been both Ms. Money In The Bank and SmackDown Women’s Champion. She is followed by Charlotte Flair, who says that Shane McMahon has announced a match to determine the #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s title at Stomping Grounds between her, Carmella and Bliss.

Carmella goes searching for R-Truth backstage who has been using her phone to text Shane McMahon. Carmella gets a call from Shane for R-Truth. Truth tells him that this 24/7 title is taking a toll on him. Shane tells him that he has a proper 24/7 title match next.

Elias is out with an electric guitar.

Elias Beats R-Truth for 24/7 Championship

We are getting a Lumberjack match between R-Truth and Elias. No other superstar is allowed to pin Truth for the duration of the match. Truth tries to roll-up Elias right away but he kicks out. Elias throws him out of the ring so he can get beat up a bit. Elias hits a huge knee and hits the Drift away for the pin and the win to become the 24/7 Champion.

R-Truth Beats Elias to become 24/7 Champion

The lumberjacks surround Elias after the match and everyone starts brawling. Elias somehow manages to crawl away from the fight but Truth finds him. He chases Elias under the ring and comes back out as the new champion after the ref calls for the bell again. Drake Maverick chases after R-Truth.

Aleister Black gets another video promo where he wonders whether it is out of cowardice that no one has knocked on his door after his open challenge last week.

Shane and Company Demolishes Roman Reigns

Shane McMahon is out to address Roman Reigns with The Revival in tow with him. He asks Mitt Rome for his Best in the World introduction and the crowd starts “CM Punk” chants. He tells The Revival that last night was incredible, praising Dash & Dawson for taking out The Usos and Roman Reigns and wants to look at it another time. Shane was in his stride with the promo when Roman enters. The Revival runs for him at the entrance and he decks both of them with the Superman punch.

Shane is out of backup now as Roman proceeds towards him. Drew McIntyre comes out of nowhere and hits him with Claymore kick. He takes Roman to the ring where he assists for Shane to hit a spear.

Alexa Bliss Defeated Carmella and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat Match to become #1 Contender for SmackDown Women’s Championship

Bliss goes right after Charlotte but gets thrown out of the ring. Charlotte and Carmella fight until Bliss comes in and hits a sunset flip bomb on Charlotte for a two count. Mella sends her back out of the ring and locks Flair in the Code of Silence. Flair uses her power to pick her up off the mat. Carmella rolls her up for two count. Bliss comes in and levels Carmella with a right hand. Charlotte hits her with a big boot. Carmella follows it up with a superkick. Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille walk in but don’t interfere. Carmella goes to the outside, where she is taken out by Bliss. Flair hits Bliss with a few chops before the break.

Carmella hits a hurricanrana on Flair from the top turnbuckle for a nearfall. The crowd gets behind Carmella, who hits the Bronco buster on Alexa Bliss. Flair takes her down and gets the figure-8 locked in but Bliss breaks the hold by a Twisted Bliss on Flair. She goes for the pin but Carmella breaks it up. Flair hits a Natural Selection on Bliss, but Carmella once again breaks it up. Mella hits the Superkick on Bliss but Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose pull her out to keep her away from the pin. Bliss hits a DDT on her to get the pin and the match against Bayley at Stomping Grounds.

Lars Sullivan Interview

Lars Sullivan comes out for his first official interview and the crowd keeps chanting Goldberg at him. Kayla Braxton asks him why does he keep attacking people. He compares himself to a Lion that stalks its prey. He says his primary function to dissect and dehumanize people and wants to show people that life is full of pain, suffering and agony.

Sullivan asks Kayla what do people call him. Kayla is terrified but he encourages her to speak out ‘Freak’. Lars adds that he has been called a freak his entire life, but he has learned to accept it. He then went on to say that his primary function is to hurt, dissect and dehumanize people. The world is full of pain, agony and a real-life freak nature like him.

Andrade and Finn Balor go at it!

Andrade is out for a match. Apollo Crews is his opponent but Andrade attacks him before the bell and beats the life out of him. Finn Balor runs down to make the save and takes the upper hand with the stomp and swing blade. But Vega interrupts him and he ends up on the receiving end of a Hammerlock DDT. Andrade leaves with Zelina Vega to end the segment.

Goldberg Assures the Undertaker

Goldberg makes his entrance which got awkward as there was not pyro. The crowd chants for him. He tells WWE not to do that no-pyro thing to him again. He says it’s been 20 years since he’s wanted to get in the ring with The Undertaker. And he finally gets it. He acknowledges The Undertaker saying that he didn’t want “the family man” Goldberg, but he wants the ass-kicking icon Goldberg that went 173-0. He says Undertaker is right and he has left the family man Goldberg at home. Goldberg guarantees that at Friday, Undertaker will get the ass-kicking Goldberg. The Undertaker is next to Rest In Peace!

The sound of Undertaker’s gong hits and he appears in the ring. Goldberg turns around and stands right in his face. The lights go out again and Taker is gone. The crowd went nuts for their face to face. As Taker dissappers, Goldberg says Friday night it is, then! and leaves for backstage.

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