Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso WWE SummerSlam 2023 Live Blog

Roman Reigns SummerSlam

Jimmy Uso turned on Jey Uso which in turn helped Roman Reigns in retaining the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and Ula Fala against Jey Uso in the main event of WWE Summerslam 2023 in a Tribal Combat match. Check the live blog of this match below.


The Usos tried to help Solo & Roman at Night of Champions but they unintentionally hit Solo. Roman shoved the Usos which resulted in Jimmy hitting Roman with a superkick and cost them the undisputed Tag Team titles. Later, Jey Uso picked his brother’s side and betrayed the Bloodline by hitting Roman and Solo with superkicks. These two teams then faced each other in a Civil War at Money in the Bank 2023, where Jey Uso became the first person to pin Roman Reigns in more than three years.

On the July 7 episode of SmackDown, The Usos held the Trial of the Tribal Chief. However, Roman tricked them and launched a brutal attack on Jimmy which even sent him to the hospital. Jey returned the same night and attacked Roman & Solo. Jey challenged Roman for a match at SummerSlam 2023 and they met on the July 21 episode of SmackDown to discuss the rules of engagement. However, Jey revealed that the Elders have allowed a Trial Combat match and Roman confirmed the match with a Tribal handshake.

Live Blog

Main event Jey Uso is the first one to make his entrance to the ring. He is wearing a white Leigh. The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns accompanied by Paul Heyman make their entrance second. Roman tells the SummerSlam crowd to acknowledge him. 

Roman shows the Ula Fala to Jey before handing it over to Paul Heyman. The bell rings, and these two start things off by locking their hands. Roman pushes Jey to the corner and then pushes him there. Jey pushes Roman as well. 

Roman drops Jey with a shoulder tackle. Jey stands up and locks hands with Roman again. Jey has Roman in the side headlock, Roman sends him to the ropes and then drops him again. 

Roman punches Jey and takes him into the corner. Roman toys around with Jey and hits a knee to his face. Roman picks up Jey but the latter lands on his feet, and hits Roman with several punches, followed by a kick. 

Jey sends Roman to the floor with a clothesline and followed him with a suicide dive. Jey then sends Roman into the steel steps. Jey picks up the table from beneath the ring and sets it up.

Roman comes and slams Jey’s face into the steel steps. They get back inside the ring and Roman slams into the turnbuckle. Jey tries to fight back, but Roman whips him into the corner. 

Roman goes outside and hit the drive-by dropkick to Jey. He covers and gets a two-count. Jey fights back with punches and then hits a kick to his face. Roman rolls outside. 

Jey is about to hit another suicide dive, but Roman stops him with a kendo stick. Roman unleashes multiple kendo stick strikes on Jey Uso inside the ring. 

Roman is about to hit another strike, but Jey shocks him with a punch. He hits a few of them, before Roman takes him into the corner, and hits a plethora of clotheslines. Roman is locked and loaded for the Superman punch, but Jey counters it with a kendo stick shot to the midsection. 

Jey hits Roman multiple times with a kendo stick, Roman goes outside, and Jey follows him with a suicide dive. They get back inside, Jey goes to the top and goes for the splash, but Roman catches him with the Superman Punch. 

Roman measures Jey for the spear, but the latter counters and rolls Roman. Jey Uso connects the superkick followed by the Usos splash for a near fall. 

Jey brings in the steel chair and delivers continuous blows to Roman’s back. Jey Uso goes outside and tosses multiple chairs inside the ring. Jey sets up Roman on the top rope, and goes for the superplex on the steel chairs, but Roman blocks it and headbutts Jey. 

Jey returns with a kick, and goes to the top rope again, Roman slips in, picks up Jey, and powerbombs him on the steel chair for a near fall. 

Roman brings another table out and takes it inside the ring. He sets it up in the corner, Jey charges towards him, but Roman intercepts and picks him up. Roman hangs on the apron as he exchanges strikes with Roman. 

Jey jumps off the apron and Roman drops him with the right hand. Roman runs towards Jeyt and the latter catches him with the kick. Jey picks up Roman on his shoulder and hits the Samoan drop from the apron through the table outside the ring. 

Jey Uso brings the strap and starts punishing Roman Reigns. The latter starts walking through the crowd but Jey follows him and they fight among the WWE Universe. 

Jey picks Roman, but Solo Sikoa comes and rescues Roman by attacking Jey. Solo clears the table and hits Jey with the spinning solo on the table. 

Solo drags Jey to the ringside and gets him back inside the ring. Solo hits Jey with the spinning solo. They pick up Jey to hit the Samoan spike and Spear combo. However, Jey steps aside and Roman hits Solo with the spear. 

Jey Uso spears Roman for a near fall. Jey picks up a steel chair and hits both Solo and Roman with it. Jey Uso targets Roman’s midsection with the steel chair before he delivers another blow. 

Jey goes to hit Roman again outside the ring, but Solo catches him with a superkick. Roman asks Solo to help him get up but Solo is angry due to the spear. 

While Roman was having this discussion with Solo, Jey speared him through the barricade. Solo picks up Jey again, but the latter set him up on the table and hit him with the splash. 

Roman and Jey get back inside the ring, where Jey hits Roman with the spear followed by the splash. Jey almost had the pinfall, but a mysterious person drags him outside. 

This person is revealed to be Jimmy Uso who superkicks Jey and then sends him back inside the ring. Roman spears Jey through the table while in shock and covers Jey to get the pinfall victory. 

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  1. Roman Reigns use to be ok. But now as time has passed, he can’t win without someone’s help. It’s getting embarrassing having him as an Universal champion. He’ll, I’d be willing to bet (and I’m not the only one) that Roman Reign couldn’t win a dog fight
    without help. So sad when other competitors have more talent than he does and can win without assistance.
    What message are you sending to the children watching… that it’s fair and ok to cheat and win by any means???

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