Roman Reigns & Solo vs The Usos Live Blog, WWE Money in the Bank 2023

The Usos MITB 2023

Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns for the first time in three and a half years as the Usos win the Bloodline Civil War against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa at WWE Money in the Bank 2023 event. Check below for our live blog from the match.


Bloodline Civil War is an outcome of the long-brewing family tension between the Usos and Roman Reigns. After an inadvertent strike, Jimmy Uso ended up costing Reigns & Sikoa the Undisputed Tag Team Titles match against Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn at WWE Night of Champions 2023. The next week on SmackDown, The Usos tried to convince Roman that they should stick together but Roman rejected Jimmy’s proposal after embracing him and ordered Solo to attack him.

The following week, when it was finally time for Jey to make a decision, he sided with Roman for a few moments before hitting him with the superkick. The Usos laid Solo Sikoa as well and officially announced their departure from the Bloodline. As a result, WWE announced a Bloodline Civil War with The Usos teaming up against his former mates of the Bloodline – Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. 

Live Updates

Jimmy & Jey (The Usos) are the first ones to walk down the aisle to enter the ring. WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns along with his special counsel and Solo Sikoa enter the ring second.

Jimmy and Solo start things off for their respective teams. Sikoa powers out Jimmy and drives him back into the corner. Jimmy and Solo lock hands again, and Solo hits a slam showing his dominance. 

Solo tries to get Jimmy but misses and the latter hits several chops. However, Solo eventually takes charge again. Jey attacks Solo from the apron when the referee was not looking, Jimmy tags Jey and then they double-team against Solo. 

Roman demands the tag from Solo, the latter makes the tag before staring at him. Jey is fired up as he locks hands with Roman. The latter puts him in a headlock and then drops with a shoulder tackle. Roman then pushes Jimmy’s head. 

Jey kicks Roman but the latter drops him again in the same manner. Roman dominates Jey a bit before the latter makes the tag. Jimmy and Jey go for the double super kick but Roman escapes the ring. 

Jimmy tags Jey again, Roman takes him into the corner and assaulted him with several strikes. Jey tries to fight back and then puts Roman into the corner, stands on the second rope, and starts hitting punches. Solo makes him stop, and then Roman drops him with an uppercut. 

Solo gets the tag and he also toys with Jey. Solo puts pressure on Jey’s shoulder before Jjey fights back and tags Jimmy. They work together before Jimmy goes to the top, Solo ducks the move and then catches Jimmy with a nasty forearm. 

The crowd starts singing “If you hate Roman. Stand up.” Meanwhile, Solo assaults Jimmy again in the corner. Solo hits Jimmy with the running hip into the corner. Roman gets the tag and then he hits Jimmy with driveby. He covers but Jimmy kicks out at two.

Roman takes Jimmy into the corner and hit him several times before hitting the big boot. Solo comes in and puts a shoulder stretch on Jimmy. The latter fights back band sends Solo out of the ring, but before that Roman makes the tag and he stops Jimmy from making the tag. 

Jimmy finally pushes Roman away and goes for the tag, but Solo pushes Jey from the apron. Roman distracts the referee, and Solo takes out Jimmy outside the ring with a clothesline. Roman brings Jimmy back inside and measures him for the Superman punch, Jimmy ducks it and then sends Roman outside the ring.

Roman tags Solo whereas Jimmy also tags Jey. The latter is fired up and begins his offense against Solo. Jey drops Solo with a crossbody and covers for a two-count. Jey Uso also hits the running hip to Solo before he takes out Roman with a suicide dive. He does the same with Solo. He goes for the Roman again but the latter catches him with a Superman punch. 

Roman goes for the spear, but Jimmy makes the tag and they hit Roman with the double spear. Jimmy covers Roman and then Solo breaks the pin. The Usos face off with Solo and Roman and a brawl breaks out. Jey and Solo get outside whereas Jimmy and Roman exchange strikes in the ring. 

Roman hits Jimmy with the Superman punch and covers for a near fall. Roman goes for the spear again but Jimmy counters it with a superkick. He hits another one before going to the top for the splash. However, Roman converts it into a guillotine lock. Jimmy gets Roman up on his feet, they go to the corner and Jey makes the tag. 

Jimmy pushes Roman and knocks out the referee. The Usos hits Roman with the 1-D and Jey covers but the official is down. Jimmy and Jey go to the opposite corner, Solo takes down Jimmy whereas Roman takes out Jey. 

They hit The Usos with the double Urinagi before Solo hit Jimmy with the spike. Solo holds Jey and then they hit Jey with the spike and spear at the same time. Solo stacks The Usos and Roman covers them but they kick out at two. Roman and Solo are in disbelief now. 

Solo starts charging and Roman does the same. Solo takes Jimmy outside and sends him into the steel steps. Solo then superkicks Jimmy and then sets him up on the announce table. Solo climbs the barricade and hits the splash, but Jimmy moves away and Solo goes through the table. 

Jey Uso hits the superkick, Roman reverts with a Superman punch, Jey comes with another kick and Roman hits the spear. Roman covers but it ends up in another near fall. While kicking out Jey delivers the low blow to Roman but the official didn’t see it. 

The Usos double-kick Roman Reigns, Jimmy tags Jey Uso and then he hits Roman with the splash to get the pinfall. Jey Uso pins Roman Reigns for the first time in three and a half years. 

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