WWE Night of Champions: KO & Sami Retain, Jimmy Turns on Roman

KO & Sami Zayn WWE NoC 2023

Jimmy Uso finally turns on Roman Reigns as Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens defeated the Bloodline to retain the WWE undisputed tag team championships at WWE Night of Champions 2023 event.


After the Usos failed to regain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship, Roman Reigns took this task upon himself. The Tribal Chief announced that the tag team titles would return to the Bloodline, but the tag title challengers at Night of Champions will be himself & Solo Sikoa.

Roman was happy with Solo’s performance at WWE Backlash 2023 as the latter led The Bloodline to pick up the win against the trio of Owens, Zayn, and Matt Riddle. This has led to more tension between the Bloodline but they were together to deal with Owens and Sami in the go-home edition of SmackDown before Night of Champions. Will Roman win tag team titles also on the day he complete 1000 days as the Universal Champion?

Live Update

The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns make their entrance first. They are accompanied by the Wiseman Paul Heyman. The Undisputed WWE tag team champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are the second ones to walk down the aisle. 

Paul Heyman takes the mic from the announcer and introduced Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns. Sami Zayn does the same and talks to the crowd in Arabic before introducing himself and Kevin Owens. 

Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns start things off for their teams. The crowd chants “Ole, Ole” and Kevin Owens tags Sami. The crowd continues to chant Sami’s name and it infuriates Roman, he tags Solo and gets outside the ring before coming back to the apron. 

Sami and Solo finally start things off as Solo overpowers Sami. Solo tries an early spike but Sami avoids it. Solo takes Sami to the corner again and hit him with several chops. Solo sends Sami to the corner and then goes for the splash but Sami stops him with the elbow. 

Sami tries to gain momentum but Solo drops him with a shoulder tackle. Sami looks at KO and tags him who comes inside and starts hitting Solo with punches. However, Solo breaks his momentum as well and then hits him with multiple headbutts. 

Sami makes the tag and the two of them take out Solo with a double team. Roman gets inside the ring and punches KO. It distracts Sami, and then Solo attacks him from behind. 

Solo is in control of the match once again as he finally tags Roman. The latter dominates Sami and plays along a little before hitting him with a suplex. Sami punches Roman which does not have any effect. Roman hits him with the big right hand and Sami rolls outside. Solo approaches Sami, but KO saves him outside the ring. 

Back to the ring, Sami tries to fight back, but Roman drops him again with the right hand. Tag, Solo comes in and continues the dominance. He stops Sami from making a tag and hits a Samoan drop. 

Solo sends Sammi outside and distracts the official, Roman goes for the cheap shot but Sami fights back. Solo comes outside and Sami sends him to the announce table. Sami makes a desperate attempt to make the tag, but Solo stops him. 

He then takes Zayn into the corner, where Zayn hits him with the tornado DDT. Sami tags KO, whereas Solo tags Roman. KO gets the hot tag and takes control of the match. However, Solo distracts KO and Roman takes advantage of it. 

Roman goes for the superman punch but KO counters it and hits the pop-up powerbomb for two counts. KO gets to the top and hits Roman with a frog splash for a near fall. 

KO tries to hit the stunner but Roman sends him to the rope where Solo hits him with the cheap shot followed by a superman punch from Roman. The latter covers, but KO kicks out. Roman measures KO for the spear but KO counters it with a knee and hit the stunner but Roman rebounds with a spear. Both of them are down as Sami and Solo return to the corner. 

Both make the tag and soon Sami knocks Solo outside the ring. Sami flies and hits Solo with the suicide dive. He takes Solo inside the ring and hits him with the blue thunder bomb for two count.

Sami gets in the position and hoes for the Helluva Kick but Solo counters it with a superkick. Solo goes for the Samoan spike but Sami counters it with a kick, he then hits the exploder followed by Helluva Kick. Sami covers but Roman breaks the pin. 

Roman continues to fight Sami and then mistakenly hits the referee with the spear. Roman was pulling the official when Sami hits him with the Superman punch. Sami measures Roman again who returns the favor with a superman punch of his own. 

Owens attacks Roman and then takes him outside the ring before driving him into the steel steps. KO clears the announce table and puts Roman on it, but the Usos interrupts and buries KO below the announce table. 

The Usos then go on to attack Sami, they go the double superkick, but Sami ducks them and they hit Solo. Roman sees them and starts to scold them before Jimmy Uso hits Roman Reigns with the superkick. Jey tries to stop him but Jimmy hits him with another superkick. Jimmy keeps telling Jey that “You gotta go” as the two of them retreat. 

KO returns to the ring and hits KO with the stunner, Sami gets back inside as well and hits Solo with the Helluva Kick to get the pinfall. 

The Usos watch Sami & KO celebrate from the ramp as Roman sits outside the ring in anger. 

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