Lashley on Why MVP Returned to WWE, The Miz, Apollo Crews & More

Bobby Lashley WWE Champion

Recently crowned WWE Champion Bobby Lashley joined Corey Graves & Vic Joseph in the latest edition of ‘WWE After The Bell’ podcast where he talked about various things including his advice to Apollo Crews and Hurt Business. You can listen to the podcast below.

Lashley mentioned that The Hurt Business has a very good relationship between themselves behind the scenes also. On talking about MPV’s return, he revealed that the host of VIP Lounge returned so that his son could see him on a big stage.

“When he[MVP] came back in last year, he said I just want to come back one time so that my son can see me on the big stage. Because his son is younger. So, he was able to do Royal Rumble.
After that, the wheels started turning and I spoke to him. I was like bro, let me tell you this idea.. I said I wish I could pull it off, but it’s not me it’s you. It’s like this a mix between Suge Knight, Shang Chi, and the Player in The Rock And The Player. Mix all those characters together and that’s him.”

Lashley also expressed how much he enjoyed the cat and mouse that got played on RAW this week with the Miz before his WWE title match. The WWE Champion has nothing but high praise for the Miz. He mentioned how people casting doubts over Miz as the champion and even claimed that people who don’t like Miz are actually just jealous.

“I think Miz is incredible. No one is better at that role. He is everything about it. There were some parts where we had the extra time, so Miz just gets the mic and just gets going. And he is just playing the character so much and he gets it. That’s why he so successful.
They ask me in an interview last week.. they were like some people have their doubts about Miz being the champion, this, that, and other, and some people don’t like Miz. I said they don’t like Miz because they are jealous.
The Miz has like about 6 or 7 million dollar house. Maryse is gorgeous. He has a great family, has a reality show, has a game show. He has been doing movies and is the only two-time triple crown champion. I will take any one of those. If you don’t like Miz, you have a little bit of jealousy on you.”

Apollo Crews just turned heel and has adopted a new gimmick of a Nigerian Royalty. Lashley was asked about what advice does he have for Crew. Lashley revealed that Apollo contacted him before he returned to WWE in 2018. Lashley told him to just keep working and do his best while waiting for his time to come.

“Even before I came back, Apollo hit me up and he was like, I have a couple of questions to ask. He was like did you ever get frustrated when you were here. And I was like, man.. Listen bro, you are talking to a man that’s not in and that wants to get in. So, you are in the greatest place you can be right now. And you are an amazing talent. That’s something that cannot be denied. So, just stay there maybe it’s not their time right now. Eat catering, have a good time.. whenever you have an opportunity.. get out there and do the best you can. And you won’t be denied because you’re incredible. It takes time.”

Lashley also mentioned that they wanted Apollo Crews in the Hurt Business at the start. But at the time, Crews was working as a babyface and eventually ended up dropping the United States title to Lashley at Payback 2020 PPV.

When we started the Hurt Business, we wanted Apollo first because I was like Apollo. I was like Apollo you need that man. You are too pretty. You are too nice. We like you too much. You got to be hated. You got to be in there and you got to have grit. We tell Cedric- be as dirty as you can, and Cedric is dirty. Apollo needs that man.

Finally, Lashley was asked about who does he wants to face at WrestleMania 37 to defend WWE Championship. Lashley straight up mentioned Drew McIntyre, as he has been doing in his recent interviews. Lashley just loves that fans would be confused over who would be the favourite to win.

I want to fight Drew[McIntyre]. Drew has been on the tear. Drew is right there, right on the line. We just took the title off of him. He has an amazing run.. great champions. But I think I am the man that legitimizes him. He has been looking for this entire year. He beat Goldberg.. beat everyone else. But he hadn’t beat me and he knows he hadn’t beat me. That’s what makes it fun because everyone looks at us and – Bobby is the champion and Drew is on a tear. Who wins this match? I love it.

Lashley also would not mind running a triple threat match with Brock Lesnar also getting involved.

One other thing- where is Brock? Is anybody seeing anything around there? It’s like now I have something that you want. It would be incredible to run a triple threat. That would be a triple threat that I will be interested in too.

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