Payback 2020: 3 Title Changes with Lashley, Baszler & Jax

Bobby Lashley is a champion once again after defeating Apollo Crews for WWE United States Championship at Payback 2020. Hurt Business has been after Crews for a few months now and finally their attempts have paid off.

Crews once again had a good performance with laying it on Lashley with all of his best moves like frog splash and moonsaults. However, Lashley was able to slam Crews and lock him in the Full Nelson to force him to tap out. This is second US title reign for Lashley.

Crews was quick to strike back after the match and made his intentions clear towards coming back for the title.

The impending feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley is still somewhere in future but they have lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles at Payback 2020. The pair tried all of their heel tricks but could not handle the pair of Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

Jax and Baszler are thrown together in a tag team and clearly lacked chemistry, but were too powerful for the Golden Role Models. During the final stretch of the match, Sasha ran in to break the kirifuda clutch on Bayley. However, Baszler countered with a leg lock on Sasha and put Bayley in Kirifuda clutch. Baszler then used Sasha’s arm for more leverage on Bayley until she tapped out in an excellent finish.

Banks and Bayley looked devasted after the loss and were hardly able to pick themselves up. On the other hand, Baszler and Jax were celebrating like crazy in the ring.

The third title change came in the main event of the night with Roman Reigns winning the Universal Championship. Read more on this here.

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