Bray Wyatt Address Hell In a Cell on FireFly Fun House

Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House segment returned with a new episode where he addressed the Devil Vince on Hell In a Cell Universal Championship match rumor.

The Fiend Hell in a Cell 2019
The Fiend Hell in a Cell 2019

In the new Firefly Fun House segment, Bray Wyatt started with feeling sorry for Finn Balor being treated rudely by the Fiend. He confirmed the Hell In a Cell challenge for the WWE Universal Championship match challenge to the winner of the Clash of Champions main event between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman. Then, the puppet that looks like a “Devil” Vince McMahon came out and started berating Wyatt for challenging them and telling Wyatt that he doesn’t know how important they are. Wyatt shows the Vince puppet that he is making money for WWE and then feeds some of it to the puppet. The Vince puppet is satisfied and disappears.

Wyatt also went on to say how Strowman and Rollins and don’t make a good team because they are selfish and greedy Also that, in another life, they took something dear from him. Wyatt goes on about how his team of puppets helps him cope with pain, but The Fiend helps him inflict it. The Ramblin’ Rabbit was seen holding a “Help!” sign but Wyatt pushed him to the side. Wyatt says he will “see you in Hell” as he starts laughing. In between, we get to see flickers of the Fiend, asking to let him in.

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