Bray Wyatt in Firefly Fun House Episode 7

Check out the video and transcript of episode 7 of Firefly Fun House with Bray Wyatt.

Firefly Fun House Episode 7

Firefly Fun House Episode 7 Transcript

Bray Wyatt is putting up a sign that says “Abandon all hope ye who exit here” sign to his door when he turns to see Rambling Rabbit swatting at Mercy with a fly swatter. He insists he is not food, but Mercy says it’s the law of the jungle here. Bray tells them to calm down otherwise he will have to summon the fiend.

Bray suggests they let fate decide and holds his ears while the screen flashes with dark imagery. He then cedes the floor to the rabbit. Rambling Rabbit says he doesn’t feel safe and wants to expose what’s really going on, but Wyatt grabs him by the head and yanks him off the table before throwing him to the floor and smashing him repeatedly with a square mallet.

He pulls the rabbit out of the puddle of blood on the floor and checks on him before sampling the blood and declaring it delicious. It turns out this has been sponsored by Rambling Rabbit’s Bohemian Breakfast Spread, you see, and Bray does his usual outro about letting him in.

Watch: Firefly Fun House Episode 7

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