Bray Wyatt in Firefly Fun House Episode 5

Check out the video and transcript of episode 5 of Firefly Fun House with Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House Episode 5

Wyatt is talking to a group of kids once again. Wyatt asks if we liked his recent secret where he introduced his new character. Wyatt calls the monster character “The Fiend” but says he’s alright because he’s here to protect us. Wyatt says sometimes it is hard for him to find his confidence and to be brave, especially when he all alone. But when he turns into the Fiend, he can do anything.

Abby The Witch is there and tells Wyatt that he just doesn’t want to see how sick he is. When Wyatt replies that he is not a sicko. Wyatt turns into a doctor and labels Abby as a bully. Abby asks him to let her rest and that she does not want to be in limbo.

The mention of limbo leads to Wyatt playing a game of limbo with two kids holding the stick. Wyatt says he will always light the way but all we have to do is, let him in! Wyatt turns upside down like he used to and crawls under the stick.

Watch Bray Wyatt in Firefly Fun House Episode 5

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