Adam Pearce Suspended Brock Lesnar Indefinitely on WWE SmackDown

Roman & Brock lesnar summerslam 2021
Credit: Twitter

On tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Adam Pearce suspended Brock Lesnar for an indefinite amount of time for viciously attacking the officials. 

Tonight’s episode was fallout from WWE Crown Jewel that kicked off WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. The Head of the Table talked about his win at the Saudi show and taunted both Lesnar and Heyman. 

Roman Reigns called out The Beast Incarnate and said he wouldn’t leave until Lesnar came and faced him. It was Roman’s response to Brock’s statement before leaving Saudi Arabia where he said he would beat Roman senseless.

The Tribal Chief continues to talk until Brock Lesnar’s theme music hits. Lesnar quickly came to the ring and began to attack Reigns. Their brawl continued outside the ring and eventually, Lesnar hit Roman with the steel steps. He was about to F5 Roman through the announce table but the Usos save Roman.

Brock Lesnar tossed away the Usos into the timekeeper’s area and then he attacked a referee and the producer who came to stop him. Lesnar then even took out a handful of superstars who came along with Adam Pearce to stop him. The Bloodline saw it as a chance and they retreated. 

After the commercial, Adam Pearce was standing in the ring and then he announced that he is suspending Brock Lesnar for his unacceptable actions. Lesnar came to the ring again and said he didn’t hear what Pearce said.

Adam Pearce stated again that he suspended Lesnar indefinitely. It made Brock even angrier and he ended up delivering two F5 to Aadam Pearce before leaving the ring. 

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