Andrade El Idolo Unveils AEW Contract’s Details

Andrade Signs With AEW

AEW superstar Andrade El Idolo recently had a chat with Milenio where he revealed the length of his AEW contract. 

WWE released Andrade on March 21 without any non-competing that allowed him to appear at another promotion without waiting for standard ninety days. As a result, Andrade made an appearance at AAA and then eventually signed with AEW. 

Andrade El Idolo recently sat down for a chat with Milenio where he revealed that he signed a three-year deal with All Elite Wrestling. 

Luis Pulido provided translation for Andrade’s statement. During the interview, Andrade stated that he signed a three-year deal with the promotion. He has only been with AEW for half a year. Now, he will look for the company’s prestigious championships. He didn’t get those opportunities in WWE but he is looking forward to getting them in AEW. 

Andrade hasn’t competed in any championship match in AEW so far. However, he is still undefeated at the promotion and is set to face Pac again at this Friday’s AEW Rampage. 

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