Report: Why Lashley Booked To Win at Wrestlemania 37?

Bobby Lashley WWE WrestleMania 37

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley retained the title against Drew McIntyre in the opening match of Wrestlemania 37. The result was a shock for some fans as they were expecting Drew McIntyre to get the title back.

But McIntyre did not get his win and there is a particular reason for this. WWE apparently wants to create Bobby Lashley as a big monster.

This news is coming from Wade Keller of PWTorch who reported that WWE has big plans for Bobby Lashley in near future. Those plans include Lashley facing Brock Lesnar, probably at SummerSlam 2021.

”I have to think that finish was part of building Lashley for a match with Brock Lesnar more than it was any kind of no-confidence vote in McIntyre.”

Brock Lesnar is currently not signed to WWE. The reports are that the Beast Incarnate will only return with fans in the arena. Adding to this, WWE is planning to host fans at SummerSlam at the stadium. So, it would be logical to conclude that Lesnar vs Lashley might be on for SummerSlam.

Lashley has been calling for a match against Lesnar for years now. He even called for the match against Lesnar at Wrestlemania. It seems like he might finally get his wish.

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