KSI Doubts Tommy Fury Fight Will Happen Due to Contract Issue

KSI and Tommy Fury Face Off

KSI has some doubts regarding his next fight against Tommy Fury

KSI has revealed that Tommy Fury now demands a change in the agreed weight. Initially, they locked in on 180 lbs, but now Tommy wants to change it to 185 lbs. As a result, KSI does not think that he will be fighting Tommy now. 

Moreover, KSI also stated that he has given Tommy Fury a deadline of Monday 6 PM to sign the contract as it is, or else he will fight someone else. 

A few weeks back, KSI himself stated that his bout with Tommy Fury is almost finalized and is reportedly a done deal. John Fury also confirmed the same. 

However, now it seems like the negotiation will likely break down by Mondy. KSI might announce whether he will fight Tommy or someone else once the deadline is ended. 

KSI’s entire point about this fight was doing what Jake Paul couldn’t do. As a result, now he caught the netizen’s eye for declining this bout over 5 lbs. 

Now, it remains to be seen if this bout actually takes place or not. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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