Jake Paul & Nate Diaz Make 185 lbs Weight, Avila Misses by 2 lbs

The weigh-ins for Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz event saw both main event fighters making weight and one weight miss.

Jake Paul came in exactly at 185 lbs while Nate Diaz weighed at 184.9 lbs. They are set to fight at 185 lbs contracted weight limit. Amanda Serrrano and Heather Hardy successfully made wieght for the undisputed featherweight title fight.

Chris Avila was the only one to miss weight for his super middleweight bout by 2 lbs. His bout against Jeremy Stephens will continue as a catchweight bout Tune in below for weigh-in results from Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz event. Live streaming video is embedded above.


  • Jake Paul (185 lbs) vs Nate Diaz (184.9 lbs)
  • Amanda Serrano (124.6 lbs) vs Heather Hardy (125.8 lbs)
  • Alan Sanchez (147.1 lbs) vs Angel Beltran (144.4 lbs)
  • Chris Avila (170.3 lbs)** vs Jeremy Stephens (167 lbs)
  • Shadasia Green (166.9 lbs) vs Olivia Curry (166.7 lbs)
  • Ashton Sylve (134.5 lbs) vs William Silva (134.6 lbs)
  • Kevin Newman II (161.8 lbs) vs Kilo Madera (164.9 lbs)
  • Jose Aguayo (149.4 lbs) vs Noel Cavazos (148.6 lbs)
  • Luciano Ramos (140 lbs) vs CJ Hamilton (136.9 lbs)

Chris Avila missed weight by 2 lbs for his super middleweight bout. The bout will continue as a catchweight bout with Avila paying a part of his purse as a fine.

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