Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Live Blog, Play by Play Updates

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

After all the hype, promotions and trash talk, Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Ryan “King” Garcia clash in 136 lbs catchweight bout to headline a Showtime PPV, and we are here to cover the bout with this live blog.

Davis entered this fight on the back of his 3 successful lightweight title defenses. He defeated Isaac Cruz, Rolando Romero and Hector Luis Garcia in his 3 bouts since the start of 2021. Garcia had two bouts in 2022 and registered a unanimous decision win over Emmanuel Tagoe and a sixth-round knockout of Javier Fortuna.

There was some real frustration from Garcia’s side heading into this fight due to behavior from Davis’ side. Davis haggled Garcia to accept no rematch clause in cases Garcia loses and a 10-lbs rehydration clause was added to the contract even after they agreed to a deal last year. Did all these frustrations work into the fight?

Find out as in our live updates blog for Gervonta “Tank” Davis vs Ryan “King” Garcia fight with live play-by-play and round-by-round updates.

Live Updates


The walks out will start at 11 PM ET. Ryan Garcia walks out first to a mixed reaction. Tank Davis gets a louder reaction during his walkout. Rapper Lil Baby performs for him in the walkout. Jimmy Lennon Jr. does the announcements to get us going.

Round 1

Garcia throws the first jab just seconds into the bout. He throws more left jabs but Davis keeps his distance. He connects another left jab before a body shot to end the first minute. Next 30 seconds go away without any action. They change corners but Garcia keeps Davis cornered. Not much action though. Davis throws a jab but lands on Garcia’s hand in the final minute. Garcia connects a jab when he throws a few quick jabs. Davis goes for a body shot. Garcia lands another jab to end the round.

Round 2

Garcia once again pushes Garcia to the corner as Garcia tryies to kkep his distance. Garcia throws in a flurry and Davis gets into a clinch to block. The referee separates them but Garcia is upon Davis once again and Davis gets into the clinch once again. Garcia lands a big shot as the second-minute starts. Davis lunges on Garcia and the referee warns them both. Garcia lands more shots to back Davis into the corner. More big punches from Garcia but Davis drops him with one left hook. Garcia gets up quickly though. Davis lands a shot on the body. Garcia counters with a right.

Round 3

Garcia pushes Davis towards the ropes once again. He lands the first jab of the round. Davis keeps moving to not allow Garcia to give much opportunity. It takes the end of first minute for Garcia to land another jab. Davis also throws a jab before Garcia also lands a jab. Davis misses a swing and gets Garcia into a headlock to stop a counter. Davis lunges with a left hook but does not connect. Second minute is gone and Garcia connects a left hook. Davis lands a jab. Davis counters with more lefts. Garcia also connects a jab. Garcia is much more cautios now and is backing up after the midway into this round.

Round 4

Davis escapes from the corner as Garcia starts on the frontfoot. Garcia lands a left. He lands a left hook to body. Davis lands a straight jab to midsection. Garcia is constantly going back to defending quickly to stop counters. He is able to throw a left hook. Davis starts to attack a bit more as the second minute wraps up. Garcia lands a sharp right. Davis counters a left jab with an uppercut to body. He once again lands a left uppercut a few seconds left. Davis gets into a clinch and Garcia connects a right to close the round.

Round 5

Garcia lands a left jab to the body. Garcia picks his spot after 30 seconds to lands a body shot. Garcia is keeping Davis in the corner. He dodges a left hook before starting to throw in his jabs a bit more. Davis throws right to the body to confuse Garcia and lands a left. Davis is in complete control now as he lands more lefts and rights. Garcia misses a left and goes into defensive proactively twice giving Davis opportunity to land his shots easily.

Round 6

Garcia starts with a left jab to body. He continues to do some good work and lands more big shots. Davis gets into a clinch. Garcia follows up with more good rights and Davis is forced to charge at him to counter. They settle down halfway into the round. Davis ducks a big shot. Garcia lands a straight jab. He throws more and more jabs. Davis counters with a body shot. Just 30 seconds left when Garcia lands a combo. Davis misses a shot and they get into a clinch. Just the second round which would go to Garcia.

Round 7

Davis stops the action as he thought Garcia’s glove is coming off. Garcia corners him with a jab and hits quick shots. A clinch leads to a reset. The rest of the first minute goes by without any else. Davis lands a left. Garcia answers with a combo. Davis lands a big liver shot. Garcia counters with a right but is down on his knee after a couple of seconds. The referee gives him the 10-count and calls the fight.

Official Decision

Gervonta Davis won via TKO at 1:44 in round 7.

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