WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 9 March 2020

Flair & Ripley

We get a video package from NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley cutting a promo for WrestleMania from Raymond James Stadium. She says when she first came to NXT, everybody said she looked like Charlotte. So, she wanted to make sure she showed everyone who she really is.

Charlotte Flair makes her entrance, heading to the ring. She says Ripley is not her and will never be and enjoy the hype while she can because it will not last. Charlotte also says it’s one thing to stand in an empty stadium, and different to be in front of 90,000 people. Ripley interrupts her. She heads to the ring but her promo is cut off by Flair. Ripley does not like it and decks Flair in the face. Flair falls back and Ripley heads back with a smile on her face.

Bobby Lashley vs Zack Ryder

Lashley runs over Ryder to start. He corners Ryder for strikes and shoulder thrusts. Lashley charges to the corner again but Ryder gets his knees up. He sidesteps Ryder’s dropkick. Ryder is slammed to the mat with a spine buster like move. Lashley finishes the match with the dominator.

Winner- Bobby Lashley

Backstage, Aleister Black was cutting a promo when someone knocks at his door. Black goes over and it’s Seth Rollins and Murphy. Rollins says he wants Black to join his group and Murphy gives him a shirt. Black denies and tosses the shirt back to Murphy. Rollins says “You’re either with me or against me.” Black responds and accepts to be against Rollins.

Drew McIntyre vs Erick Rowan

Rowan comes out with his caged tarantula. Rowan goes for the iron claw, it’s blocked. The two end up on the floor where Drew takes care of Rowan. He then goes over to the cage, puts it on the floor, takes the ring steps and jams the steps down on the cage! Rowan is enraged, runs over, and eats a headbutt. Back in the ring, Drew hits a double-armed DDT and a claymore kick for the win.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

Kabuki Warriors vs Natalya & Liv Morgan

Kabuki Warriors come out for a match. After the break, they start a promo in the ring in their native language. The crowd gives them what treatment. The promo goes from wild shouting, to bragging, to crying over Asuka’s injured wrist and ends with mentioning Alexa Bliss. Natalya and Liv Morgan enters for the match.

Kairi and Liv start the match. They come to a stalemate after licking down. Sane offers a handshake but Liv refuses. Sane goes for a clothesline which is ducked by Morgan, who also rolls up Sane for a two. Sane charges again but is tripped on the ropes. Natalya is tagged in for a double suplex. Ruby Riott comes out at the ramp to watch the match as we go to break.

Asuka keeps control over Morgan as we return. Morgan decks Sane as she was whipped in the corner. She hits a missile drop kick on Asuka and tags in Natalya. Natalya with a Double hip toss on Asuka. Asuka distracts the referee and Sane hits on Natalya’s injured shoulder against the rope. Asuka and Sane work on Natalya’s arm with tags. Nattie is put into the cross armbreaker by Asuka. She swings away on Asuka who puts her in a kimura lock now.

Sarah Logan comes out on the ramp now. Natalya power slams Asuka while Ruby and Sarah start fighting with each other at the ringside. Morgan takes them both out with a dive off the top. Natalya wants to tag out, but nobody is there. Kairi comes in and Natalya rains her with kicks and clothesline. Asuka blind tags in as Natalya puts the sharpshooter on Sane. Asuka kicks Natalya in the back of the head and gets the pin.

Winner- Kabuki Warriors

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