WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 9 March 2020

AOP joins the beatdown. The Viking Raiders come for the save but are outnumbered. The Street Profits evens the odd. Ford challenges Rollins for a tag team match right away. Rollins accepts.

Seth Rollins, Murphy & Authors of Pain vs The Street Profits & The Viking Raiders

Match in progress as Ford and Murphy battle each other. Dawkins tags in and drops Murphy, cover, two. Murphy with some back elbows, tags in Akam, Ivar also in now and beats up his opponent. Erik gets tagged in and throws a big knee at Akam. Ivar back in, initially gets beat up, but able to fight off Rollins and Murphy to get a tag in to Erik. He then picks up Ivar and power slams him down on Murphy. We see Owens get beat up in a split-screen replay.

Ford and Rezar in the ring now with Ford throwing a bunch of strikes, kick to the head, heads to the top rope and goes for a crossbody, but is caught in midair. Rezar with a fallaway slam. Murphy tagged in and keeps Ford to the mat for a moment, Ford tries to fight back. Couple tags take place, Erik sends Rezar out to the floor, Erik with a suicide dive, but Rezar doesn’t even move. They bark at each other as Murphy hits a suicide dive on Erik.

Rollins tagged in and continues to beat up Erik. The two fight on the floor and Rollins gets sent into the barricade, then the ring. Erik looking for a tag, but Rollins grabs him by the foot. Erik swings away, Murphy then takes away tag options. Rollins kicks away at Erik, then taunts the opposing team. Rollins’ groups continue to tag in and out as they beat up Erik some more. He’s finally able to hit a big knee on Rollins, then tag Ford in. He lands a number of strikes on Murphy, DDT, kip-up, standing moonsault, cover, two. Rollins handling Ford really easily in the ring.

Murphy tagged in, suplex, cover, two. Murphy with a kick to the back, reverse chinlock. Ford fights his way out of it, tries to tag out, but Murphy hits a belly-to-back suplex. Murphy taunts the team. Ford with a big superkick. Ford finally tags in Ivar, who drops Rollins. Throws Akam to the mat and splashes down on him. Seated senton on Rezar, lariat on Akam. He tags in Erik, they look to take out Rollins, but AOP intervene. Rollins with a falcon arrow on Erik, cover, Ford breaks it up.

Murphy takes a kick to the head with Ford. Akam with a spinebuster, Dawkins drops him with a spear. More big moves on everyone. Ford with a massive frog splash on Rollins, cover, and Murphy breaks it up. Dawkins sends Murphy out to the floor. Viking Raiders with stereo suicide dives to clear out Team Rollins. Ford and Rollins in the ring, Rollins is kicked out to the floor. Ford with a big flip out to the floor, taking out pretty much everyone, except for the legal man. Ford gets in the ring and Rollins lands a stomp, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners- Seth Rollins, Murphy, and Authors of Pain

Post-match, Kevin Owens pulls Rollins out of the ring and beats him up. AOP throws him in the ring, but Owens hits a stunner on Akam. He low-bridges Rezar out of the ring and hits another stunner on Murphy. Rollins hits Owens with the stomp. Rollins then hits a couple of more stomps on Owens to close out the show.

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