WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 9 March 2020

AJ Styles Calls Out Undertaker

AJ Styles heads to the ring with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Styles takes the mic as the crowd chants “Undertaker.” Styles says it’s been not once, but twice The Undertaker has stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong, showing what happened at last night’s Elimination Chamber. AJ recalls when Roman Reigns beat Undertaker, then Taker folded his jacket and put his jacket in the ring, all nice and neat. Then put his fist up, riding off into the sunset.

Styles thought Taker should have retired after losing to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, Styles says he wants Taker at WrestleMania! Styles continues that maybe 15 years ago he would be hesitant in calling out Undertaker, but he doesn’t see a phenom anymore, he sees a broken-down old man named Mark Galloway.

AJ says he doesn’t know what brings Taker back, he should have retires years ago. Styles then believes it’s Michelle McCool is the reason he keeps coming back. Anything she wants, she gets, even if it means Taker coming back to the ring and getting hurt. Styles says McCool is the most conniving person he’s ever met. Styles says he’s going to make sure Undertaker “dies” in the ring at WrestleMania. “I am going to take The Undertaker’s soul at WrestleMania.”

Riddick Moss(c) vs Cedric Alexander – WWE 24/7 Championship

Moss charges Cedric after the bell. Alexander hits a big kick. Moss catches his dive and hits a Fallaway Slam. He puts in a reverse chin lock. Cedric fights back and drops Moss for a two-count. Alexander is sent to the apron. He looks for a springboard but gets tripped in the move. Moss hits a shoulder tackle and a neck breaker for the pin.

Winner- Riddick Moss, Retains WWE 24/7 Championship

Edge Returns

MVP is in the ring. He says he is transitioning from an in-ring competitor to an absolute brainiac and wants to build his stable around a man like Edge. MVP says he could lead Edge back to becoming a champion, again. Edge drive into the parking lot. He looks mad and walks into the ring. MVP says something to Edge but he snatches the mic to call out Randy Orton. MVP tells Edge that he is distracted and focusing on the wrong things. MVP then asks how his wife is.

Edge hits a spear on MVP. Randy Orton comes into the ring but eats an RKO from Edge. Edge grabs a couple of chairs into the ring but Orton runs out. MVP goes after Edge and Edge locks in a triangle choke on MVP while keep staring at Orton. Edge hits an RKO on MVP over the chair. He looks at Orton and whacks MVP over the head, shouting “this is for you” at Orton. The crowd wants it one more time and Edge obliges. Edge finally gets out of the ring and runs after Orton as we go to break.

Seth Rollins vs Aleister Black

The match starts with some quick action. Both Rollins and Black block each others’ finishers. Black sends Rollins out to the floor. Black does his signature leap back into the middle.

After the break, Rollins is seen in control. He sends Black face-first into the turnbuckle, following with knee strikes. Black sends Rollins on the apron and hits a series of different kicks- low sweep kick, single-leg dropkick. He hits springboard moonsault.

Murphy tries to interefere but is dealt with. Rollins rolls up Black for one-count. Black hits more kicks and hits a snap german suplex. He bridges suplex for the pin when Murphy jumps in to cause a DQ.

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