WWE RAW April 10, 2023, Preview & Match Card

WWE RAW April 10 2023
Credits- WWE

WWE RAW episode of April 10, 2023, will feature the aftermath of Brock Lesnar’s attack on Cody Rhodes along with the WWE Women’s tag team title match. 

Build-up towards Backlash 2023 event is expected to continue. Cody Rhodes will respond to Brock Lesnar’s vicious attack on Raw after WrestleMania episode. Matt Riddle will return to the in-ring action against The Miz. Lita & Becky Lynch will defend the WWE women’s tag team titles against Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez. Read below to check the complete preview and match card of WWE Raw April 10, 2023. 

Aftermath of Brock Lesnar’s Attack on Cody Rhodes

Brock Lesnar was supposed to be the tag team partner of Cody Rhodes against Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa on RAW after WrestleMania. However, he turned on Cody Rhodes even before the match started and took him through hell through his brutal beatdown. This Monday’s Raw will feature the fallout from the attack by the Beast Incarnate. How will Cody respond? Will Lesnar target him again? And what was the reason for Lesnar attacking Cody?

The Miz vs Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle returned after a long hiatus on last week’s episode of Raw. The Miz stated that he didn’t want more surprises, and that’s when the original Bro surprised him. He brawled with The Miz and took him down with a Bro-Derek. Matt Riddle also appeared on SmackDown when he saved Sami Zayn from Solo & Jey Uso. Now, Riddle and The Miz will clash in a singles match. Will The Bloodline interfere in this match? Will The Miz rebound from back-to-back defeats at WrestleMania? 

Becky Lynch & Lita vs Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

Last week on Raw after WrestleMania, Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez defeated Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky in a tag team match. After the match, the broadcasting team announced that they had become the #1 contender for the women’s tag team titles. Now, this Monday, the duo of Liv & Raquel will try to take down Lita & Becky Lynch in order to win the tag team gold. Will we see the new champions?

Damian Priest Addresses Attack on Bad Bunny

The rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Dominik has made its way into Judgment Day, Latino World Order and now also includes Bad Bunny. Damian Priest ended up sending San Benito through the announce table last week. Priest will address his attack on Bad Bunny this week on RAW. What does he have to say?

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  1. As Asuka was not seen on last week’s RAW program, I will be much interested to learn if she returns after the terribly booked and lamentable loss she endured to the fan weary EST at WM 39?? Once again she was denied her moment of glory and first WM title win at the greatest WWE event of the year!?? When Hunter took over Creative last year he stated his goal was to push new performers to greatness – conveying LEGEND status to them?? And that is what he has planned for the 4 current singles champs! WWE is preparing to provide Reigns-like booking to all of these champs and they may all hold their titles for YEARS!!?? This is NOT what much of the WWE Universe has bargained for, and there will be an exodus of fans from this brand…

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