Brock Lesnar Attacks Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW After WrestleMania

Brock Lesnar Attacks Cody Rhodes

Brock Lesnar has struck once again on WWE RAW after WrestleMania as he turned on and attacked Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes lost to Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event on night 2 of WrestleMania 39. The finish to that match came after Solo Sikoa attacked Cody with a Somoan Spike behind the referee’s back and Roman hit a spear to get the pinfall to retain his title.

Roman Reigns was out in the ring asking for Los Angeles crowd to acknowledge him on April 3, 2023 episode of RAW. Cody was quick to follow him out and asked him for a rematch. Paul Heyman told Cody there would be no rematch between him and Roman. Cody then asked for Roman and Solo to face him in a tag team match.

After conferring with Roman, Paul Heyman countered by saying that a tag team match would only happen if Cody could find a tag team partner fulfilling two conditions. The first condition was that this wrestler should have competed on WrestleMania 39. Second, this partner will never be able to challenge Roman Reigns for Universal Championship if they lose the match.

Brock Lesnar answered the call immediately and came out to agree to partner with Cody. The tag team match was set for the main event of RAW. However, just as everyone made their entrance and the announcement for the match was done, Brock Lesnar picked up Cody and hit him with an F5.

Roman and his entourage exited the ring quietly and Lesnar went on to decimate Cody with more F5s and German suplexes, throwing him into the barricade, and dropping him through the announce table. Lesnar’s intimidating presence meant that the crew and officials were not able to intervere. Lesnar also dropped Cody on steel steps after throwing the same steel steps on Lesnar’s face.

As Cody started to move when Lesnar left the ring and the crew checked on him, Lesnar returned and hit some vicious chair shots on Cody. The closing shot of RAW was Cody down in the ring.

The storyline has a lot of parallels with John Cena’s storyline in 2012. Cena lost to The Rock in the main event of WrestleMania 28 just like Cody lost to Roman at this year’s event. Brock Lesnar then made his return to WWE after 8 years on RAW after WrestleMania episode and decimated Cena.

This later led to a match between Cena and Brock at Backlash 2012 where Cena able to steal a win after Brock dominated the match. Will it be the case this time also? Keep tuned in for more news and updates.

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