WWE NXT Live Results & Updates- 13 November 2019

Roderick Strong vs Keith Lee

Lee slams Strong on the mat to start. Strong tries to fight back but Lee power slams him for a nearfall. Stong in a shoulder stretch and fights back. Strong hits a series of shoulder blocks but Lee fights to his feet. He tosses Strong into the corner. Strong fights back with a series of chops. Lee counters a Sick Kick with a Mongolian Chop. He brings Strong to the top rope where Strong fights back and they go to the floor.

Strong is nailing Lee with some stiff elbows. Strong hits a huge dropkick and Lee collapses to the apron. Lee counters a splash and both men fight on the outside. Strong hits a series of Wrecking Ball Dropkicks. Lee sends Strong into the barricade before they both got back in the ring. Strong hits a series of elbows. Strong hits Sick Kick for a nearfall. Strong regains control. Strong trash talks Lee, while throwing hard elbows. Lee gets wrist control and hits a series of hard strikes. He hits a Corner Splash and a back body drop for two-count.

Strong counters and hits a jumping Knee but Lee hits a backbreaker for a nearfall. Lee brings Strong to the top rope and Strong fights back with an enzuigiri and a jumping knee. Strong hits a Superplex for two-count. They trade blows before Strong hits an enzuigiri. Undisputed Era come to ringside, but Ciampa and Riddle attack them. Finn Balor runs out and hits Riddle with a Slingblade and a Double Foot Stomp. Lee gets distracted and Strong hits a jumping knee. Lee counters a Sick Kick and hits Ground Zero for the pinfall.

Winner- Keith Lee

After the match, The Undisputed Era attacks. Dominik Dijakovic comes down and starts taking down the Undisputed ERA. Dijakovic with a superkick to Cole and a double chokeslam to the tag team champions. Dijakovic approaches Ciampa in the corner and tells him that he want in on the WarGames. They shake hands. He turns to leave and runs into Lee. Fans chant “hug it out!” and they shake hands. Ciampa, Lee and Dijakovic stand tall in the ring together as The Undisputed Era watches from the stage.

After the break, Candice LeRae, Jessamyn Duke & Mina Shafir are found unconscious in the parking lot. Triple H is very concerned with this. The staff, which also have Scarlett Bordeaux, try to help the women.

Isaiah Scott vs Bronson Reed

They fist bump to start. They trade holds. Scott dodges a corner splash. Scott hits a second rope dropkick. Reed hits a shoulder tackle. Reed hits a series of headbutts. Scott chops away at Reed’s chest. Reed locks in a headlock. Reed sits on Scott’s back. Reed hits a series of hip drops. Reed hits a Deadlift German Suplex, sending Scott over the top rope and to the floor. Reed exits the ring and chops Scott’s chest. Scott sends Reed into the ring post. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Scott is reversing Reed’s momentum. Scott hits a Northern Forearm. Reed hits a huge chop. Scott hits a Somersault Flatliner. Reed absorbs some lariats from Scott but hits a huge Senton. Reed climbs to the top rope. Scott recovers and fights back. Scott counters an Avalanche Tombstone. Scott hits a DDT for a nearfall. Scott attacks the arm but Reed fights him off. Scott hits a corner back elbow. Reed hits a Spinebomb. Reed hits an Omari Driver for a nearfall. Scott counters a suplex. Reed counters a Slingshot Triangle Hold. Scott hits a series of strikes. Scott counters a hip drop. Scott hits House Call for the pinfall.

Winner- Isaiah Scott

Matt Riddle will take on Finn Balor at NXT Takeover WarGames. Riddle will be replaced by Dominik Dijakovic in the WarGames match.

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