WWE NXT Live Results & Updates- 13 November 2019

Pete Dunne vs Killian Dain

Pete Dunne comes first. Killian Dain is out next but he is suddenly attacked from behind on the stage by Damian Priest. Priest stomps on Dain as Dunne watches from the ring. Dunne exits the ring and brawls with Priest at ringside. Dain joins the fight as all three Superstars brawl at ringside now. Security runs down to break up the fight as fans boo. Dain and Dunne fight security off, as does Priest.

Dain rolls Dunne into the ring. Priest slams Dain into the steel steps. Priest takes out Dain and sends him to the floor. He takes out Dunne next and sends him over the top with a Crucifix Bomb, taking out a group of security and Dain at ringside. Dain and Dunne start brawling at ringside again. Priest runs the ropes and leaps over the top, taking Dain and Dunne down. Priest heads to the stage and looks back at the carnage as his music hits.

Cathy Kelly is backstage with Mia Yim. She isn’t worried about the RAW or SmackDown Superstars attacking her because NXT is the main roster. Dakota Kai walks in and makes it clear there are no hard feelings over Yim being picked for Team Ripley. Kai says if anything goes down tonight, she has Yim’s back.

Io Shirai vs Mia Yim – Ladder Match, Winner to earn entry advantage

Yim stops Shirai from getting a ladder. Shirai sends her to the outside and hits a running tope suicida. Yim attacks Shirai and smashes her into the apron. She gets the ladder and puts it in the ring. Shirai dropkicks the ladder into Yim. Yim pulls Shirai out of the ring and slams her onto another ladder. Mia Yim wins a tug of war over the ladder at the ringside. Shirai sends Yim into the ladder as they continue to brawl on the outside. Yim slams Shirai into the apron. Both women get back in the ring. Yim wins a tug of war over the ladder. Shirai counters a suplex. Yim suplexes Shirai onto the ladder, as we cut to commercial.

Back from commercial. They trade blows in the ring. Shirai floors Yim with an uppercut. Shirai chokes Yim with a headscissors. Shirai hits Tiger Feint Kick. Shirai hits a Flapjack. Yim counters Tiger Driver. Yim sends Shirai into a ladder in the corner. Yim sets up the ladder. Shirai stops Yim from climbing the ladder. Yim hits a series of kicks. Shirai sends Yim into the ladder, knocking it over. Shirai sandwiches Yim in the ladder. Yim hits Protect Ya Neck. Yim picks up a ladder. Shirai hits a missile dropkick, sending the ladder into Yim’s face. Yim is badly injured.

Shirai sets up the ladder while the camera avoids showing Mia Yim getting medical attention. Shirai attempts to climb the ladder but Yim recovers and climbs the ladder. Shirai pulls her down. Shirai hits running knees into the corner. Yim fights back. Shirai sends Yim to the floor. Dakota Kai runs out. Shirai hits a moonsault on Yim and Shirai. Shirai climbs to the ladder. Shirai sets up the ladder. Dakota Kai stops Shirai from climbing and powerbombs Shirai. Kai rolls Yim back in the ring. Yim climbs the ladder. WWE UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray runs out and pushes Yim off the ladder, through the bridged ladder. Ray helps Shirai grab the briefcase in 19:57.

Winner- Io Shirai

After the match, Baszler comes out to congratulate Shirai, Belair & Ray. The shows cut off but not before Bayley runs out and hits Baszler with her new finisher I guess. She basically slams her face onto the mat by sticking it in between her knees.

NXT 13 November 2019 Quick Results

  • Lio Rush defeated Angel Garza to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
  • Xia Li defeated Aliyah
  • Keith Lee defeated NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong
  • Isiah Scott defeated Bronson Reed
  • Io Shirai defeated Mia Yim in the Ladder Match

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