WWE Hoping for Drew McIntyre Return This Week

Drew Mcintyre WWE champion

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was tested positive for COVID-19 and had to be sent into quarantine. This forced WWE to change some plans regarding him for the build-up for Royal Rumble. Since then, McIntyre has appeared only in pre-recorded promos from his quarantine.

WWE Champion is now announced to appear on next week’s RAW episode. But the belief in WWE is that he will be able to return even prior to that.

PWInsider is reporting that WWE is hoping that McIntyre will be cleared to appear at the taping for WWE Superstar Spectacle. The taping is set for this Friday(22 January 2021).

WWE announced Drew McIntyre and several other stars for the Superstar Spectacle event. Friday will mark 12 days since McIntyre’s COVID-19 positive test was announced. The guidelines regarding isolation after Coronavirus detection is for 10 days currently.

Even if McIntyre does not get cleared for the taping, he can be expected to appear on the show with another pre-recorded video. But, if McIntyre fails to get cleared and get a negative Coronavirus test in time, it might put WWE’s plans for Royal Rumble 2021 PPV and other events in jeopardy.