Von Waggner Stretchered Out After his Match Against Bron Breakker

Von Wagner
Von Wagner, Credits- NXT

Von Wagner was stretchered out of the arena after a brutal attack by Bron Breakker during the September 5, 2023, episode of WWE NXT.

During the main event on the September 5 episode of WWE NXT, Breakker was set to face Wagner in a no-disqualification match. Throughout the match, both wrestlers took advantage of the absence of rules by employing steel chairs and Kendo sticks.

In the closing moments of the match, Wagner managed to slam Breakker onto the table, fulfilling his intention that had been present since the beginning of the bout. But that was not enough for Wagner to secure the win.

Breakker then made a comeback when he delivered a low blow and followed it up with a spear to secure victory in the match. However, Breakker’s victory did not satisfy him. After the ringing of the bell, he continued his brutal attack on Wagner.

The brutality reached its peak when Breakker lifted the steel steps and smashed Wagner’s head with it. After this moment, the broadcast suddenly cut to black before the impact could be seen. But with the action, it is predicted that Wagner’s head will be crushed between the steps.

WWE subsequently posted a clip on social media showing Wagner being taken on a stretcher after the incident. The post also mentioned that Wagner will be shifted to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

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