The Bloodline Solves Owens, Sami & Riddle Problems at WWE Backlash 2023

The Bloodline WWE Backlash 2023

The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso defeated Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Matt Riddle despite having differences at WWE Backlash 2023.


Matt Riddle made his WWE return on the RAW after WrestleMania episode. He appeared on the following SmackDown as well where he saved Zami Zayn & Kevin Owens from The Bloodline’s attack. Riddle was earlier put out of action by Solo Sikoa as the latter brutally attacked him in December. 

Zayn, Owens and Riddle kept feuding with the Bloodline as both teams fired shots toward each other. All 3 of them have failed to beat Solo Sikoa in a singles match in the past month while Sami and Owens were able to successfully defend Undisputed Tag Team Championship against The Usos. With both sides continuing to meddle in each other’s ways, a six-man tag team match was announced for WWE Backlash 2023. 

Live Updates

The Usos and Solo Sikoa come to the ring first. Matt Riddle made his entrance followed by the undisputed tag team champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn and Jey Uso start things off for their respective teams. Jey puts Zami in a headlock before dropping him with a shoulder tackle. Jey goes to the corner and poses with his brother Jimmy. 

The two lock hands again, and Jey puts on another headlock. Sami sends him to the rope and then drops him with a shoulder tackle. Jey tags Jimmy, and on the other hand, Sami Zayn tags Kevin Owens. The latter charges toward Jimmy right after entering the ring. 

After hitting Jimmy with a senton, Owens tags Riddle. The latter gut-wrenches him and then tags Sami. After a while, Jimmy quickly rolls to his corner where Solo Sikoa tags himself in. Solo locks hands with Sami and drives him to the corner where the enforcer keeps attacking Sami. 

Solo takes control of the match and takes Sami to their corner. He offers Jimmy to tag in. Jimmy comes in attack Sami and then tags Jey. The Usos are now taking turns attacking Sami. Jimmy is in their corner when Solo tags himself in again. 

Solo manhandles Sami a little as Jimmy tags in and they double-team on Sami. Jimmy kicks Riddle sending him outside. Sami hits Jimmy with a clothesline, and the latter tag Jey. Sami sends Jey outside the ring and goes to tag Kevin. However, Jey attacks Kevin from the outside and drives him into the steel steps. 

Sami tries to fight back inside the ring, but Jey takes control again with a Samoan drop. Jey tags Solo. The latter puts Sami on the top rope, but Sami fights back and hits Solo with a tornado DDT. Sami tags Riddle whereas Solo also makes the tag. 

Riddle now takes on The Usos himself and hit both of them with multiple sentons before they get out of the ring. The Bloodline outside and Riddle takes all three out with a moonsault. Riddle eventually gets back inside the ring but Jimmy catches him with a superkick. Jimmy gets to the top rope, but Riddle catches him and sends him across the ring. 

Riddle tags Kevin who climbs to the top and hits Jimmy with a Swanton bomb for a near fall. Owens goes for a stunner, and Jimmy goes for a superkick, but Owens counters it with one of his own. Jimmy goes for another superkick, but Owens dodges and it takes out Jey. Owens hits Jimmy with a pop-up powerbomb for another near fall. 

Jey Uso is now official, Kevin tries to hit him with Swanton as well, but Jey lifts his knees. The two have a back-and-forth inside the ring before Owens hits him with a clothesline. Jey tags Jimmy and Owens tag Zayn. Sami hits Jimmy with the blue thunder bomb for a near fall. He gets to the top but Jimmy stops him before making a tag to Jey. 

The Usos get to the corner but Sami pushes them away. However, they catch Sami with a double super kick the moment Sami jumps from the top. Jey Uso tells Sami that his fault. Jey Uso measures Sami but Solo tags himself in. Solo gets inside and Jey tags himself which infuriates Solo. 

Sami comes running for a helluva kick, but Jey ducks and Sami connects with Solo. Sami hits Jey with a helluva kick, but Solo breaks the pinfall. Solo looks at Jey when Riddle hits him with the knee. 

Solo takes out Owens with a Samoan spike, and he almost hits Jey Uso with the same. Sami hits Jey from behind which drives Solo outside the ring. Sami tags Riddle, and he hits Jey with the Broderek. However, he doesn’t realize that Solo makes the tag to Jey. 

Solo comes in and hits Riddle with the Samoan Spike to get the pinfall.

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