WWE SmackDown 13 Nov 2020: Live Results, Updates, Grades

Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog and grades for WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode of 13 November 2020 as the buildup for Survivor Series 2020 PPV continues. Check the preview for the show here.

Roman Reigns & Drew McIntyre Come Face to Face

Roman Reigns opens the show and talks about how he is the Island of Relevancy- he is making everyone relevant. He cites the example of Jey Uso as he defeated Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens in recent weeks. And he will then lead Team SmackDown, his team, to win at Survivor Series. On the same day, Reigns will also exert his dominance over Randy Orton.

Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he comes out. Paul Heyman is shocked. McIntyre tells Roman that he will not have to care about Orton at Survivor Series since he will win back the title on Monday. McIntyre then recalls how he eliminated Roman to win the Royal Rumble, defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and how he stepped up when Roman left WWE during the pandemic.

Roman replies that he respects Drew, but since he has come back, Drew has become irrelevant. He takes a shot at RAW saying no one is watching that show since everyone is watching RAW now. He asks who Drew McIntyre is? Drew replies that Drew McIntyre is the one who is gonna beat Randy Orton on Monday and then defeat Reigns at Survivor Series.

Jey Uso runs down the ring and stands between Drew and Roman. He tells Drew about getting back on wrestlers in last few weeks when they tried to disrespect his family. He then challenges Drew for a one on one match tonight. Some tense moments between them before Drew pushes Jey back. Roman stops Jey from reacting as he comes head to head with Drew before leaving.

After the break, Roman is seen shouting at Jey Uso. He is telling him that he calls the shot here, he is the Universal Champion. Jey tells him to calm down and that he has got this covered.

Sami Zayn vs Apollo Crews – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Sami Zayn is in the ring already and ranting about getting to know about this match just a few hours ago. He calls Apollo a powerhouse as he continue to complain about not getting recognition as the IC Champion.

Apollo starts strongly with powermoves. He gets going in the corner and Sami had to move out of the ring for a breather. Crews brings him back and Sami avoids a suplex. Crews still slams him in the middle of the ring. Sami moves out of the ring and ends up removing the apron. Crews follows him and Sami binds his leg into the apron. The referee is counting down. Sami gets back to the ring and retains the title as Crews is counted out.

Winner – Sami Zayn(via countout, retains IC title)

Drew McIntyre is with Adam Pearce who is asking him whether he wants the match against Jey Uso tonight. Drew asks him whether Pearce knows him or not. Pearce says he does and that means the match is on. Drew also tells him to relay it to Roman to get front row seats for the match, so that he could see what Drew can do.

Sasha’s Promo

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks comes out to the ring. Sasha starts her promo and recalls how everyone was saying that she could not retain the title. She says anyone else would have caved if they had to endure what he had gone through in the last 6 months. She was sending a message to Carmella when Bayley’s music hits. Bayley comes out at the stage and Sasha gets ready for her. Carmella attacks Sasha from behind with a superkick. She hits Sasha with a bulldog.

Otis is eating backstage. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are mocking him standing in front of him on losing Money in the Bank briefcase to the Miz. Otis gets angry and it seems a match is set up between Otis and Ziggler.

Otis vs Dolph Ziggler(w/ Robert Roode)

Ziggler slaps Otis as soon as the bell rings. Otis pushes him into the corner and tosses him across the ring. Otis keeps unloading on Ziggler in anger. Otis was getting ready for the caterpillar but Roode distracts him. Ziggler gets the chance to hit him with Zig Zag. Otis kicks out of the pin attempt and turns it around to slam Ziggler into the floor. Otis with the caterpillar elbow drop to set up for the Vader bomb. Roode tries to distract him again but Otis scares him off. Otis hits the Vader bomb and gets the pin.

Winner – Otis

Seth Rollins(w/ Murphy) vs Rey Mysterio(w/ Family) – No Holds Barred Match

Rollins with a sheepish smile to start with. Rollins is pushed into the corner to start with but he puts Rey into the corner. Quick back and forth continue in the early moments. Rollins moves out of the ring after eating a kick to the face. Rollins uses the ropes to strike Rey in the face. Rollins brings a steel chair into the ring but Rey ends up dropping him on the ropes. Rollins avoids 619 but Rey hits a tornado DDT on the apron.

Rey slams Seth into the barricade. Rollins moves towards the announce table before sending Rey into the steel steps and was going for the powerbomb into the table. Rey counters and sends Rollins into the barricade with a sunset flip. Rey goes for the suicide dive but Rollins catches him and hits a suplex into the announce table. Rollins is dominating the match now as he beat Rey around the ring. Back in the ring, Rollins is methodically punishing Rey, keeping the pace of the match on the slower side.

Rollins sets up a steel chair in between turnbuckles. Rey avoids getting send into it. Rey with quick moves- senton, head scissors, bulldog – and gets a two-count. Rollins throws Rey out of the ring and right in front of his family. Rollins strikes him with the steel steps now. He sets Rey for the stomp on the steel steps but Rey recovers as Rollins goes to mock Rey’s family. Rey sets up Rollins on the step and hits him with a basement slide splash. We go to break.

Rollins sets up a table in the ring now. He goes for the three amigos but Rey stops him before the third suplex. They tangle and end up going on the top. Rey tries to hit a sunset flip on Rollins but Rollins sends him through the table with a powerbomb. Rollins covers but could only get a near fall. Rollins is frustated now and removes chair’s bottom stoppers. Dominik pulls him out as Rollins tries to damage Rey’s eyes.

Rollins hits him with a superkick. Murphy also comes to check on Dominik. Rollins heads back to the ring and Rey hits a dropkick on the chair that Rollins was carrying. Rollins counters and Rey is down. Murphy goes into the ring and hands Rollins the chair. He acts like he is about to set up Rey but ends up hitting Rollins with the ripcord knee. Rollins goes after him and gets dropped on the ropes as Murphy slides out. Rey botches the 619 and had to setup Rollins with another dropkick to set up and hit 619. Rey with the frog splash and gets the pin.

Winner – Rey Mysterio

After the match, Mysterio Family gets together in the ring while Murphy is standing at the apron. Rey looks at him and brings him into the ring. Rey shakes his hand and the whole family then embraces him.

Drew McIntyre vs Jey Uso

Drew pushes Jey into the corner to start. Jey goes for the headlock and Drew whips him to the ropes to bring him down with a tackle. Drew unloads in the corner, rips off Jey’s vest, and chops him hard. Drew continues to beat him around and hits more chops on the chest. Jey gets amped up and hits a headbutt. Drew is sent to the outside. He catches Jey in the suicide dive. As he was returning to the ring, Jey kicks him in the knee and hits a superkick to send him back out. We go to break.

McIntyre with a series of clotheslines and overhead suplexes as we return from the break. He follows it with a neckbreaker. Jey decks him after getting up before Drew catches him with an elevated spinebuster to get a two-count. Jey comes back with a superkick and goes to the top for the splash. Drew meets him there and tries to hit a suplerplex. Jey counters but Drew still manages to throw him over. Drew gets ready for the Claymore but Jey moves out of the ring.

Drew keeps beating him up until Roman’s music hits. Drew sends Jey back into the ring. He is asking Roman to come over and Jey slams him into the ring post as Roman heads to the ringside. Jey unloads on him for a while before sending him back to the ring. Roman tells Jey to make Drew understand about them. Jey goes back to the ring and unloads a bit more. Drew hits Claymore out of nowhere and gets the pin.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

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