WWE SmackDown 20 November 2020(11/20/20)- Live Results, Updates, Grades

WWE SmackDown 20 November 2020 Contract Signing

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog and grades from WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode of 20 November 2020(11/20/2020) featuring Survivor Series Main Event Contract Signing, Seth Rollins vs Buddy Murphy, and more buildup for Survivor Series 2020. You can catch the preview for the show here.

Opening Sequence

The Street Profits opens up the show and hypes the final farewell for the Undertaker at Survivor Series. Big E imitates Undertaker and does some comedy. He tells Profits that New Day member Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are at SmackDown tonight.

Kofi and Woods are in the ring. They hype their match against Street Profits and say that while Profits wants the smoke, they are not ready to take this fire. They also give a tribute to the Undertaker. WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn comes out and rants against The Undertaker and his opponent for Survivor Series- WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley.

Sami enters the ring and New Day start to joke about him. Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode- all come out one by one. New Day propose a tag team match with Ziggler & Roode going against Corbin & Zayn, and the winner gets RAW Tag Team title shot. They all attack New Day instead. Street Profits come out and make the save.

The Street Profits and The New Day vs Sami Zayn, King Baron Corbin, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Montez Ford starts against Ziggler. Dawkins & Ford double team on Ziggler. Ziggler dropkicks Dawkins and brings in Roode. Kofi tags in and gets upperhand on Roode. Woods continue to dominate until Roode levels him with a big elbow. Corbin takes over and keep Woods in his corner. Woods finally tags in Ford who goes after Corbin with a dropkick and standing moonsault.

After the break, heels keep control of the match against Ford. Kofi gets the hot tag after a minute or so. Kofi drops Roode with a boom drop. Everyone starts getting involved one by one. The finish comes after a big splash from Ford on Sami Zayn for the pin.

Winner – The Street Profits and The New Day

Grade- C+. Another run of the mill tag team match setup and the same goes for the match.

Daniel Bryan is backstage talking to Kayla Braxton. Sami Zayn comes up and starts ranting at Bryan about respect. Bryan covers his mouth with his mask and then shoves Sami to the ground. Sami gets up and tells Bryan this is not over yet, and leaves.

After the break, Bryan talks with Kayla Braxton about the attack from Jey Uso. Bryan believes Jey when he says it was not personal because Jey has a devil on his shoulder, shouting and telling him what to do, pushing him hard.

WWE Producer Adam Pearce is backstage with Otis and picks him as the final member of Team SmackDown since he has shown resilience. Gable comes up and celebrates with Otis. Otis thanks Pearce before they walk off.

Natalya walks up to Pearce and asks him why she has to face Tamina Snuka to qualify when Pearce can just put her on Team SmackDown. Pearce reveals that he already put Bayley on the team. Natalya rants about being the BOAT again. We go to commercial.

Seth Rollins is backstage doing a promo against Murphy. He recalls how Murphy was nothing until he took him under his wing. Rollins says if it wasn’t for him and The Greater Good, Murphy would’ve never met Aalyah Mysterio. Rollins says in return, he got stabbed in the back, set up, betrayed. He wants Murphy to remember that he will no longer stand by for Murphy’s mistakes, and Murphy will have to pay for them.

Natalya vs Tamina Snuka – Survivor Series Qualifying Match

Natalya enters for the match while Tamina Snuka is already in the ring with Bianca Belair on commentary. Bayley also comes out before the match and joins the commentary. Tamina levels Natalya to start the match. Natalya goes to the floor and Tamina sends her into the steel ring steps.

Belair and Bayley are arguing on the commentary about being the Team Captain. The Riott Squad is also watching the match backstage. Tamina continues to dominates in the corner. Natalya dodges a charge in the corner and Tamina hits the ring post. Natalya with a big clothesline and quickly applies the Sharpshooter. Tamina taps out.

Winner- Natalya

After the match, Natalya celebrates in the ring. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott come now to the ramp. Bayley enters the ring and asks every member of Team SmackDown to the ring.

Grade- D. Short match which would go unnoticed. Sad to see Tamina getting such worse treatment.

Contract Signing

Drew McIntyre comes out before the break. Roman Reigns comes out with Paul Heyman and takes some time to get into the ring. Adam Pearce is sitting at the head of the table but when Reigns gets to the ring, he makes him get up so he could sit there. McIntyre and Roman are almost sitting side by side.

Reigns says he believed McIntyre would regain the WWE title because he has been in his shoes before. Roman then says that McIntye is in the right place at the wrong time and is just a secondary champion for the times he is not around.

McIntyre says he got the title back not for Roman but for himself. He tells Reigns that his mind games will not work on him. Drew signs the contract and hands it over to Roman, holding it over for a while to create a bit of tension. He advises Roman to prepare for war in these two days before Survivor Series.

Roman was going to sign the contract but retorts at Drew first, saying only the special counsel advises him and not Drew. They continue to go back and forth with promos. Roman signs the contract and tells Drew that he has always been his #2. Drew gets up as his music starts.

Grade – B+. Great back and forth barbs from both men. It only got more interesting as it went on.

Seth Rollins vs Murphy

The Mysterio Family comes out with Murphy. Rollins knocks Murphy from the apron before the bell. Murphy rushes back to the ring as the bell rings. They takes big shots at each other to start with. Rollins dodges Murphy in the corner and sends him into the barricade from the apron. He then goes to beat up Murphy at the ringside for sometime.

Rey stops Rollins from using a kendo stick and Rollins slams him into the announce table. Dominik goes to save his father but gets thrown into the barricade. Murphy recovers and takes Rollins back to the ring. Rollins pushes him from the top rope to the barricade.

Murphy catches him with an elbow after the break. Rollins hits the sling blade and gets a two-count. Rollins gets send to the floor and taken out with a suicide dive. Rollins hit a superplex and a falcon arrow for another near-fall. Rollins is frustrated as Murphy kicks out.

They continue to back and forth until Murphy catches Rollins with a pair of jumping knees before he hit Murphy’s Law for the win.

Winner- Murphy

After the match, The Mysterio Family joins Murphy in the ring to celebrate.

Grade- A. Good match with great energy. Murphy reminds us how good he has been and deserves the spot. Rollins will get his break after this loss.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and RAW Women’s Champion Asuka are in the ring to hype their Survivor Series match. Michael Cole is also in the ring and brings up their rivalry earlier in the year. Sasha does her promo with Asuka pitching in between with Japanese and enthusiasm. Sasha gets attacked by Carmella to close the segment.

Jey Uso vs Daniel Bryan

As soon as the ref called for the bell, Bryan sprinted at Uso and started hitting strikes. He locked Uso in a modified STF and hit a few forearm blows before letting him up. Uce took him down and brought him out of the ring so he could drive him into the steps. He cleared off the announce table but it allowed Bryan to recover and roll him back in for a missile dropkick.

As we went to a break, Uso put Bryan through the announce table. We returned to see Uso still dominating the match. He taunted Bryan before picking him up for a simple body slam. Bryan countered a Samoan drop and lined up for the running knee but Uce blocked him and hit a couple of superkicks. Bryan blocked the Uso Splash and rolled him up for the win.

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Grade- B. Another good match between the two to them. But Bryan gets the win this time to 1-1 against Uso. The third one might be coming soon with higher stakes.

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